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21st Melbourne Odyssey raffle prize winners

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21st Melbourne Odyssey raffle prize winners

A very successful Odyssey has just wrapped up.

Thanks very much to our raffle prize sponsors - Pots R Us , Greg Gleason, BM Motorcycles (Ringwood), Andy Strapz (Seaford) and to those that donated beer and wine as consolation prizes. 

Big thank you to Bill Dusting for selling a huge load of tickets, Greg and Brian for organising the vouchers, Mike for organising the raffle and consolation prizes and thanks to anyone I missed who helped with the raffle plus all the people that purchased tickets !  I believe around $400 worth of tickets sold.

The official ticket drawer was Jen Woods - National President.

The winners :

1st prize - $250 Pots R Us voucher - Holly Fields
2nd prize - BM Motorcycles voucher for $150 - Jenny Kennerson
3rd prize - $100 MotoGp admission - Roger Foot
4th Prize - Andy Strapz voucher for $75 - Karen Franklin
Slab beer - Nick Chronopoulos - (Make sure you give him the slab Bill)
Bottle of Wine to  - John Wait, Kerry Lee, Stewart Tepe, Karen Franklin and Maz Luck.

The Kennersons donated the BM Motorcycle voucher to John Taylor citing the loss of Indian motorcycle raffle at recent AGM. yesangel