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Australia Day Weekend 2020 Tallangatta

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 22/08/2019 - 8:25pm

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Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 9:30am to Monday, January 27, 2020 - 4:00pm

Departs Lilydale on Saturday .  Ride Leader John Cook 0419 599 530.  NB slightly early start time
Heading the "shorter" way (not via Gippsland) across the North East with a latish lunch stop somewhere like Yackandandah.
I'll be staying at the Victoria Hotel both nights (02) 6071 2672 - Make your own accommodation arrangements direct.  
At the suggestion of Rick, I hope to visit the Eldorado Dredge Holes on the Saturday ride up enlightened

I believe the other pub "changed hands" very recently. 
Planned Sunday (Australia Day) ride medium distance - Murray River Road, Granya Gap - and Corryong before return to Tallangatta and that may include visit to Wymah Ferry - I do like that Granya Gap and the Murray River Road. 
There may well be Australia Day Festivities in the park in town
 I am planning a fairly relaxed weekend without too much riding on the Sunday - wait and see what the weather is like and the result of disgraceful discussions on Saturday wink 
Please let me know if you're coming enlightened


Wow - great!!  I am in?!!

How big a bolt can I get in my tyre this year?

I posted this for a reason!!  I copped a flat tyre near the peak of Granya Gap last year. I only needed one helper (Greg Rees, who is quite competent) but I could have had 6!!  What idiot rides alone when there's clubs like Ulysses Melbourne?



Greg Gleason

I still intend to do this ride.  
Regarding Australia Day Weekend proposed ride to Tallangatta. I have received an enquiry.
At this stage I see no reason to cancel but I will keep a close eye on emergency events as they evolve over the next fortnight. Places near Tallangatta are in danger at the moment. In a fortnight we may well find that rural localities may appreciate some support from visitors. I don't want us to be nuisances but if Tallangatta is spared, why penalise rural communities by cancelling arrangements? Many of the areas I had intended to ride along the Murray River Road etc are at present in extreme danger but if we can go, I intend to and will take local advice as to where we should or should not go while supporting the local community up that way.

I spoke with our host at Tallangatta on 14 January.

  1. Tallangatta has not been directly hit by the current bush fire emergency but at present there is still smoke in the air.
  2. Most of the emergency personnel have moved on to Myrtleford and other locations.  The pub has room for us yessmiley
  3. We will be welcome.  I can adjust the Sunday ride to suit circumstance at the time.  We have plenty of options  

So it is all systems go for Tallangatta as planned.  Book a room enlightened

Let me know of your intentions.  I'll see you there or at Lilydale for the ride up.   If you're coming from the north meeting at Yea would be a good idea.  - Contact me enlightened

All looking Good for Tallangatta Weekend

  1. I still intend to visit Eldorado on the way up 
  2. BOM Forecast Sunny 31 Saturday, 34 Sunday and Hotter on Monday.   Head for the "hills" early Monday to escape the worst of the heat??
  3. When I checked earlier today, the road to Corryong was still closed.  We can still do Granya Gap and perhaps visit Walwa via Murray River Road?  We will see at the time enlightened
  4. Sunday is Australia Day, so who knows what may occur in Town Square of Tallangatta

See Ya There  cool  Cheers.  If you can't do the weekend away but feel like a Saturday ride, see you at Lilydale 0930 Saturday enlightened

At this stage access to Corryong still appears to be limited to residents only from the west.  It seems we can get as far as Walwa along the Murray River Road and Granya Gap.  That is my plan for Sunday.  enlightened
From the BOM site the forecast for Albury / Wodonga  - Sunny all 3 days.
12 - 30 on Saturday.  14 - 33 on Sunday and 17 - 36 0n Monday.     Eildon, Mansfield, Ruffy etc a few degrees cooler on Monday for our ride home. 
See you there wink 

OK - so no full sets of leathers this weekend!!  Budgie smugglers & towel perhaps?

I understand it's about the journey not the destination, but the Vic Hotel as a destination on a very hot day does have some "compensations".....



Greg Gleason

My daughters in law and grandchildren have inferred I should not be seen in speedos  blushsurprisecrying (Yes I know it was a brand) which is what I knew them as before the bird smuggler term came into vogue  cheeky    Showing my age again crying
Beyond that, a jacket capable of being vented and a long sleeve T shirt plus appropriate riding pants, boots and lighter gloves is my idea of appropriate attire.  Shorts, sandals and T shirt in the beer garden and togs if we wonder down to the lake winkcool 
Let's do the empty esky thing and buy our sustenance up there enlightened

The weekend looks good.  I will dress appropriately, and I hope others do likewise.

It's a great weekend - we were all going to spend a certain amount of money this weekend.  Of the "allocated funds", let's spend as much as possible (plus a bit extra) in fire affected areas.  It is, after all, Australia Day.....



Greg Gleason