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Aged Care home visit & presentation

Submitted by Not the Messiah on Wed, 19/12/2018 - 5:39pm

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Members may recall that in the past we've done a couple of visits to an aged care facility in Malvern - basically to entertain the residents by showing off our bikes and talking all things motorcycling with them.
The second visit in particular was very successful, with a volunteer carer acting as MC and keeping the discussion rolling. 
Now our contact at that home has moved jobs and is asking if we would repeat the visit at her new place of work in South Oakleigh.
The essence of the vist would be the same: An hour or so at the home, ride our bikes into their function room, a presentation session (maybe Q & A from an MC, maybe a one minute introduction of our bike from each of us, discussion with the residents etc) and morning or afternoon tea.
This facility has quite good access for the bikes (no pedestrian ramp like at Malvern!), double doors direct into the lobby from the driveway then a gentle S bend out to the function area.

The times suggested to suit the home are Thursdays (morning or afternoon) or Fridays early afternoon.
The home is flexible on when this might fit in the calendar. My thoughts are mid-February (before the Mornington National Rally) or March a week either side of the Autumn Alpine Run.

This is to request for members to contact me if you are willing to come along, and to advise what times and days would best suit you. 
I think a minimum practical number is about 5 or 6 bikes, so if we can near that number then I'll firm up a date which suits the majority of us.

Many Thanks
Brian L
0439 010 873