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Ardeer to Red Rock 6 Oct 2019

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Mon, 07/10/2019 - 4:52pm

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Ride Report: Ardeer to Red Rock 6/10/2019

Ride Leader: Greg Gleason with a little help from Pat Ryan
Tail End Charlie: Pat Ryan with a little help from Greg Gleason
Reporter: Pat Ryan

Sunday morning dawned looking pretty good but still cold. Off to Ardeer to meet Greg and the group where we all arrived and started peeling off layers as it had turned quite warm.

The Riders were:


Greg Gleason
Gary Clifton
Ian Monk
Les Cox
John Francis
John Markham                 
Big Dave Finlay
Marty ?
Andrew Kennedy
Colin Voss
Jeff Pavlou
Pat Ryan
Terry Heaghney

It was good to see Marty back in the saddle after a period of ill-health and Colin back from a motorcycle tour of the old eastern block. Great riding by all accounts.

The link we sometimes put onto the website taking readers to the proposed route proved its worth this time as one of the members commented that Greg was planning to take us up a dirt road through the Brisbane Ranges. This was decidedly not the intention so we discussed alternative roads which finished up with Pat agreeing to lead the ride to Meredith for the morning tea break as he knew the way.

So off we went a little after 10am the usual way up the Western Highway with Pat in front and Greg bringing up the rear. We took the turn off at Greig’s Road hoping to cross the railway line and join Leakes Road. Once the corner was turned it was obvious that this was unwise as the rail crossing was closed to traffic. No doubt one of our Premier’s rail projects, so we practiced our U-turns and back onto the highway up to Leakes Road.
More success this time and we headed up towards the Geelong-Ballan Road and left for a transit run to Granite Road where a right turn took us in the direction of Anakie. The road gets a bit more interesting from here on. Firstly it narrows then gets some corners and dips and crests and after a couple more turns starts the run into Steiglitz. This is where it comes into its own from a rider’s point of view with lots of tight corners, good surfaces and an overall exciting experience for our group.

Stopped at Meredith for morning tea and a chat, then with Greg in front now and Pat at the rear, we set a heading west and south through some wonderful scenery on mostly one-lane roads. This ride was interesting as it passed through intensively farmed country with mostly crops and some cattle with the occasional sheep. The route took us down roads we seldom if ever travel, mostly on country lanes with a short section of highway heading into Colac. There was quite a wind blowing for most of the way which threatened to blow you off your bike and we copped a little rain heading into Colac. From Colac it is only a short ride to Red Rock which was new to all bar a couple of us.

Wikipedia describes Red Rock as follows:

Red Rock is a Quaternary complex volcano in the Australian state of Victoria.  It is located 11 km northwest of the small city of Colac near the southeastern shore of Lake Corangamite. The volcano is structurally complicated, consisting of a series of volcanic cones and maars. Some of the maars are intermittently filled by brackish to saline crater lakes. These include Lake Werowarp, Lake Coragulac, Lake Gnalinegurk and Lake Purdiguluc.

Red Rock, along with Tower Hill, Purrumbete and Leura, is one of the best preserved phreatomagmatic features in Eastern Australia.  At least 30 eruptive vents have been identified at the volcano, with the latest known eruption having taken place possibly in 5850 BCE. This makes Red Rock one of theNewer Volcanics Province centres to have been active during the Holocene epoch.
The Red Rock Reserve was established in 1903 to preserve the volcanic landscape. This protected area was upgraded to a public recreation reserve in 1934.
As we arrived at the top of the first cone to walk to the viewing platform we were hit by severe winds followed by rain squalls. On went the waterproofs and we headed up the second cone and back into Colac for some lunch.
Lunch was a mixture of fish and chips and pies etc. from the bakery and we all departed individually for the ride home.
Thanks to Greg for taking us to a destination most of us had not seen before and for designing a good day out for all.


Thanks Pat - it turned out a great ride, even if the GPS Gods were at play early....

Les Cox, Jeff Pavlou and I went backtracking on the home run to avoid road works and (well, as far as possible....) roads.  We went home substantially in reverse, except to Bannockburn then the delightful Baker's Bridge Road and Steiglitz Road to Lovely Banks.  After that it was home via Homicide Street (Geelong Road) and back to work today - tragic.......  Thanks to all who attended, thanks to Pat as 50% Front End Charlie then 50% Tail End Charlie and thanks for putting up with my geographical challenges!!

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Greg Gleason