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Dennis Alessi's South Gippsland Ride 19 08 18

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 19/08/2018 - 6:20pm

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Ride Report (A Sad Attempt at Humour)

Dennis Alessi's South Gippsland Ride 19 08 18

A select band of 33 hardy Ulysseans gathered at Officer for Dennis' inaugural ride as leader.  Oops, hang on - might have pressed one key too many - there were 3 of us!!  We got almost to the start point with minimal rain and then down it came - visibility on the freeway was zero, but for the brake lights of all the sheep who truly believe "if all else fails, do a panic stop on a busy freeway" - chaos ensued.  But neither Dennis nor I were involved - we merrily made our way to the start point to join "Footrot Flats" own local hero, Pat (D)Ryan (off).  It was great weather for ducks, and as some of us know, duck is a Pat Ryan specialty!!

A number of Dennis' chosen roads were, to say the least, below B standard!!  Perfect motorcycle roads on a good day, but in this???  So a new plan was hatched - "let's ride home"?  And so off we set - the u turn at the lights was fun filled (who doesn't love "feet down" in 4 inches of water...) and it just got better!  In zero visibility, cars become uncertain and think there's an advantage in doing unsignalled lane changes at 40km/h below the average surrounding traffic without a head check - great fun!!

The scenery along the freeway was to "die" for.  An inch of surface water, when lofted into the sky, can obliterate all manner of things - road hazards (large chunks of wood on the road), cars doing right hand turns from the left hand lanes and even a bit of mirth with the odd car skidding through a red light....  The rainbow hues from the road spray looked so romantic as we gently dodged sociopathic drivers, bent on two wheeled revenge.

All too soon all this fun was over - we reached the Wellington Road off ramp - having left Dennis to have a coffee at Officer, half of the remaining riders veered off to the southern suburbs with Highett beckoning in the distance.  The other half plied north towards the beautiful Wattle Park (to Surrey Hills and a Jag that needed a wash.......)  I arrived home on my mud brown Triumph, but Huey smiled.....   The clouds parted, the roads dried, and I managed a car wash visit and home to the chamois before the next shower.  Two clean bikes in the garage?  Unheard of at this time of year.

I can hear the clamour - "oh look what we missed, oh look what we missed" but fear not.  Dennis is doing it all again on the 28th October, and Huey has promised great weather.  From Dennis' description, it sounds like a cracking ride - don't miss it!!

Greg "Webfeet" Gleason






Good one Greg - well said! At least my new heated seat and heated grips together with my old heated gloves kept me nice and toastie but the new Tiger is grubby again so I will have to wash it between showers today. Thanks to Dennis for planning the ride and turning up in spite of the weather. Next time there will most likely be 33 riders turn up as summer will have arrived by then. Looking forward to it! Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan