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Gisborne Ride on Mothers’ Day 2022

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 09/05/2022 - 9:21am

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Eight of us turned up to enjoy Roger’s ride today after obtaining the appropriate leave passes.  There was a disturbingly high percentage of BMWs in attendance though! 
Andrew (Yamaha) and I (Honda) were hopelessly outnumbered by 5 Bavarians and a Triumph.
The ride was naturally “bookended” with Roger leading on his K1300
and Brian doing TEC duty on his R1250GS.   Formalities were kept to a minimum and we got moving promptly and after a bit of freeway and suburban transport section Roger introduced us to some of those lovely gorges and backroads he knows so well.  It wasn’t quite the “Roulettes”, but he did manage to arrange a fly past by a Virgin jet as part of the entertainment.  Please don’t ask me where we went but I enjoyed the scenery and some of the tight little gorges and bridges etc. 
The weather was kind to us, but the temperature did drop to high single digits in the hills near Woodend and we got enough drizzle to warrant some bike washing.  After our morning tea stop Roger took us around Mt Macedon which was damp (surprise surprise) and the town was quite busy – probably to do with Mothers’ Day.  Roger then took us on a surprise little gravel diversion
and U turn practice which made the prospect of washing the bikes much more necessary – Thanks Roger. We then found our way into Gisborne for a relaxed lunch and then headed towards home fairly promptly to ensure we didn’t overdo our leave passes.    Again, Roger took us via some more interesting backroads to get back to the Calder Freeway and he even got to demonstrate his crash avoidance skills when a ute driver who came out on his left saw no need to give way to the 6 bikes coming towards him on his right despite the signs and road law!   We all survived.
Had a lovely day.  Thanks Roger and all who came along.   
Photos by Greg Gleason and me have been added: