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Greg G's Arthur's Seat/Flinders Ride 19 07 20

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Sun, 19/07/2020 - 8:04pm

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Greg Gleason S1000XR (Ride Leader)
Greg Gleason S100XR (Tail End Charlie)
Greg Gleason S1000XR (everything in between)

Sunday promised lots before late rain, hail and storms!!

So get in early?

We (I?) headed off  to beat the change later in the day - sunny but windy and not too cold!!  The traffic was good - no cars up or down Arthur's Seat, just a few towards Flinders, and up Brown's Road.  But the gorges were all mine and Arthur's Seat was also all mine......

Few other vehicles, but A Frames everywhere across Arthur's Seat - "B & B", "best breakfast views in Australiia" etc.......

After descending Arthur's Seat, I rode down the freeway and across to Safety Beach to do the coast road past Mornington.

By mid afternoon, the wind was really up and the clouds looked threatening.  But I made it home before the rain and it was in every respect a great ride!!

Tomorrow, I am riding to work......  With cigarette factory views that rival Tassie's Great Western Tiers, I can't wait!!