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Greg G's Eltham Ride Via Kinglake & Nutfield 13 05 18

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 13/05/2018 - 4:44pm

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Greg G's Eltham Ride Via Kinglake & Nutfield 13 05 18

Mother's Day.......  and a great day to ride if you have no family commitments.....

Greg turned up in a T Shirt reading:

"I'm a motorcyclist!!  I do WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT, WHERE I WANT!!! (Except I gotta ask Sally....  One sec.)"

It must have been a busy Mother's Day, as only 4 graced the starter's flag at Lilydale.  With no need for corner markers (except when Jeff missed a light that the other 3 of us got) it was up to Yarra Glen, over the sublime Christmas Hills Road (very cold up at the observation tower), across to Panton Hill, then down Church Road to Cottle's Bridge Road (another favourite) to Hildebrand Road, School Road and then up the poisonously 60km/h limited but superb "Escarpment Road" (St Andrew's - Kinglake Road) for yet another very good Kinglake Bakery latte!!

After the roads from Panton Hills to St Andrews, the "freeway" to Whittlesea was quite acceptable - smooth, curvy and ever warmer the lower we got!!   Then it was down around Yan Yean Reservoir and across to Arthur's Creek!!  Another favourite beckoned - both roads to Eltham (via Nutfield or via Doctor's Gully and Ironbark Roads) are tight, narrow, twisty and undulating plus the scenery ain't too bad either!!  Decisions, decisions....  At the pre ride, Greg had said "definitely Nutfield", but over the ride, ride leader paranoia creeps insidiously into one's mind!!  What to do.....  Oh dear.....

On a last minute whim, Greg went the Nutfield option - no-one complained!!  It is a truly engaging and worthy addition to any ride - challenging, but smile inducing all in one!!  The almost unavoidable Hurstbridge to Eltham section won nobody's praises - including Jeff who got briefly split from the rest by a traffic light at Diamond Creek, but overall, it was a really relaxed, fun and none too shabby ride!!

For those engaged in family activities, I've tried to spit out the route in as much detail as possible.  If you want to try the ride yourself sometime, on request I'll send you the GPX file for your GPS!!

Greg G