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Greg Rees Ardeer to Castlemaine 30 6 19

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 30/06/2019 - 7:58pm

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Ride report follows:

Ulysses Melbourne  - Ride Report
Greg Rees Ardeer to Castlemaine 30 6 19
Greg Rees – Triumph Tiger (Ride Leader)               Bill Dusting – Suzuki V Strom (Tail End Charlie)
Steve Bailes – Honda Goldwing                             Colin Voss – BMW R1250GSA
Jack Fei – BMW R1200GSA                                 Pat Ryan – Triumph Explorer 1200 XCA
Stewart Tepe – Honda Shadow                              Big Dave – Buell
Andrew Kennedy – Yamaha Tracer 900 GT             Greg Gleason – Suzuki Hayabusa with new cans
The Ride:
Before Greg led us off towards Werribee, we noted Steve’s ‘Wing now has a GPS!!  But wait, I know you want more!!  YES!!  It has an inbuilt Go Pro camera so he can PROVE he’s got a GPS……
We started off down the freeway then looping back to the newly tarred McCormick’s Road – awesome for those not geographically challenged, it follows the line of the river and the railway line, coming out in the industrial estate in the south east of Ballan. (For those that were challenged – and I refuse to name Bill and I - seven different dead ends and a stint on the freeway were equally enchanting)!!  We all made it to Blackwood for morning tea, where Pat and Andrew left us.
We continued on across towards Daylesford, and via several roads I’ve never ridden before, we cut onto the Daylesford-Malmsbury Road and then up to the Old Calder.  Our leader mightn’t admit it, but he may have had a brief second of geographical challenge as well, going past Elphinstone and then re-approaching it from the north. 
The Destination:
All ended well at the Criterion Hotel in Barker Street Castlemaine (named after the town’s propensity for noisy dogs), where we lunched before breaking off to head home.  Holly Fields  (whose ride this was, till a knee injury sidelined her) joined us for lunch, adding to the enjoyment of the day!  Thanks Holly.
The trip back for Colin, Steve, Jack and I was uneventful each progressively peeling off the Tulla to wend our ways homeward.  A great day, a great ride and great camaraderie!!
Thanks to Greg Rees for a great ride.  Thanks too to Bill Dusting as Tail End Charlie.  I was the fill in photographer for John Cook – if you like the pics, tell all your friends!!  If you didn’t, don’t blame me – everyone knows I’m a very ordinary photographer!!!
Next Week:
Next week, Mike takes us to Trentham.  Probably no curries, but a great ride nevertheless.  The weekend after, my Belgrave ride hits a low cost/high impact curry house!!  See you there!!
Greg G