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Greg's Wallan to Bacchus Marsh 28 06 20

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Sun, 28/06/2020 - 6:02pm

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Ride report follows:

Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch
Ride Report – Greg’s Wallan to Bacchus Marsh 28 06 20

Sailbad (Ride Leader) – BMW K1300 S Motorsport            Pat Ryan (TEC) – Triumph Explorer XCA
Roger Foot – BMW K 1300 S Eurosport                                   (Hon) Vince Green – very new V Strom
Steve Bailes – Honda Goldwing                                                  Mike Fittall – BMW R1200 RS
(Sir) Les Cox – Yamaha FJR1300                                                  John Markham – Triumph Bonneville Sprint
Big Dave Findlay – BMW K1200R                                                Brian (The Prez) Lacey – BMW R1250 GS HP
Tom Hona – Triumph Speed Triple                                            Reece Isaac – Yamaha Niken
The Ride:
In full Covid19 awareness, we missed Kalkallo and opted for a Wallan start – it worked well enough, although as it turned out, Kalkallo wasn’t the reason Hume municipality was declared a “hotspot”.  We met in 2 separate groups, then headed west through Darraweit Guim (don’t blink), then across to Bolinda (don’t blink again).  We headed off in the Hesket direction, with an eye for morning tea at Trentham.  Up delightful Mount Eliza Road to Kerrie, then right into the even more delightful Kerrie Valley Road to Hesket, in the shadows of Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock (well named as “hanging” is the fate that awaited the ride leader had he persisted with his “over Mount Macedon” plans on such a cold day)!!
From there we headed north to Romsey Road, bound for Woodend. Right onto Tylden Road with the smell of Trentham coffee in our nostrils!!  (It is possible the coffee smell affected the ride leader, who totally missed the scenic James Lane turnoff, thereby depriving the group of this great road, plus the equally good Pearson’s Road, and the view of 15 Harleys parked at the Pig & Whistle on the intersection of these two roads).
Fortunately, his co-conspirator Roger Foot was the only one who realised the mistake, until
Sailbad “confessed” at morning tea…..
Rested and refreshed, we dutifully obeyed the ridiculous 80km/h speed limit from Trentham to Greendale!!  We cut loose a bit after that, in the glorious sunshine that had blessed the entire ride.  Through Ballan, we avoided the Glenmore escarpment in favour of the incredibly picturesque Ingliston Road and Ironbark Road, then turned left at the Dog Trap Bridge into McCormack’s Road to the bustling hub of Bacchus Marsh’s CBD.
But it isn’t over till a) it’s over, or b) someone has discarded their clip on’s in favour of a “real” German (aftermarket) handlebar.  Riding “doppelganger” German bikes, it seemed inevitable that a bike swap would fuel serious debate about the pro’s and con’s of both options.  Sailbad (the Tory) versus (small “L” liberal) Roger – and they were not going to be happy without a serious test, so they swapped bikes, then home via Parwan, Eynesbury and beyond – and it had most participants following in amused observation mode.
The outcome?  Unsurprisingly, Sailbad messed up his hair and did a Boris, proclaiming his (important part of motorcycle history) clip on’s to be the best, while Roger rode away in total cornering confidence with his (too new to be respected) Schnitzer bar operating at its very best!!

There are 3 thank you’s this week:
Pat Ryan – sterling effort as TEC
You lot – for coming along and making it a great day out (and)
All the readers of this report, for putting up with my handlebar nonsense…..Next Week:
Andrew is heading east – not as far as South America (sadly) but it’ll be a great ride, so be in it!!
Sailbad (Greg)

Photos (very few sadly) - here: