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Humorous Ride Report - Greg G's Highett to Moorabbin 22 04 20

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Thu, 23/04/2020 - 2:01pm

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Ride report follows:

Humorous Ride Report Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Greg G’s Highett to Moorabbin Ride

Greg (BMW S1000XR HP)

The Ride:            
1 rider headed off a bit after 8am for the 3.5km ride to work at Warrigal Road Moorabbin. Traffic was light but the weather was good, so I avoided the conventional Wickham Road, Chesterville Road, Cochrane’s Road route, in favour of the Ulysses preferred  “roads less travelled”.  And the scenic route did not disappoint – up Bulli Street and Genoa Street to Chesterville Road!!  The scenery was superb (triple fronted brick veneers in every direction), and then the stunning view of the Genoa Street school, and it’s a challenging road too – speed humps and walkers combined to really test my riding mettle.
Sadly, I arrived at Chesterville Road all too soon and the earlier scenery gave way to views of the cigarette factory and Schot’s Emporium……  And then, there I was at work, parking the bike.

Thanks to me for leading the ride, and to the Weather Bureau for granting clear skies.  They backed it up forecasting no rain on Friday, so don’t miss my next ride on Friday 24th, which will be quite different!!  Same roads but a BMW K1300 S Motorsport instead!!




Thanks for sharing Greg, tres amusant.
May I suggest you vary your route to pass by my old school on Bernard St, Cheltenham High School, or as it now is, Cheltenham College.
The large Pantheon style septic tank near the main gate is no longer there, but the lower sports field is, and was the scene of mixed fortune for our soccer team for whom I played left half. As you will detect I also learnt some French.

Great suggestion, Roger!!

In truth, I did this report for a completely different reason - the Club website has unilaterally banned me from "copy & paste" posts on the Committee Forum!!  The idea of this was to test whether I can still post "cut and paste" blogs!!

Interesting that you lived in this area - a guy I used to sail with (and who, like you, is somewhat more highly stationed in life than I) lived in the Mason Court Highett house that backs our place.  He has since, however, ascended (as he should) to his rightful, more lofty but much less trendy Hampton East........  I suspect my Collingwood Tech School education has "let me down", as it were......



Greg Gleason