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John Cook's Lilydale to Seymour 28 7 19

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Sun, 28/07/2019 - 9:01pm

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Ride report follows:

Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch
Ride Report
John Cook’s Lilydale to Seymour 28 7 19

John Cook (Leader) – Honda ST1300         Steve Bailes (TEC)– Goldwing
Greg Gleason (Photos) – Hayabusa           Ian Taylor – BMW R1200GS         
Colin Voss – BMW R1250GSA                      Roger Foot – BMW K1300S Motorsport 
Pat Ryan – Triumph Explorer 1200 XCA   Big Dave – Buell                 Geoff Shugg – Honda Deauville
Jeff Pavlou BMW R1200GS Rallye X 
And the late entry came from (drumroll)  Andrew Kennedy – Tracer GT

The Ride:
Wow – 2 great rides in 2 weeks!!  What a cracker!!  From Lilydale to Gruyere and Madden’s Lane to the Melba Hwy, past the Chocolaterie!!  Greg was busy snapping away down the back – “John, John, wait – come back – I’ve found morning tea,,,,,,”
Up the Melba, then left onto Westbridge Road (a well kept secret – no more)!!  This becomes Kinglake-Glenburn Road and Eucalyptus Road for a Kinglake morning tea that included a chocolate muffin for Greg (but shouldn’t have)……  Andrew joined us there.
Refreshed, we were ecstatic to find the same roads in reverse!!  Eucalyptus, Kinglake-Glenburn, Westbridge, thence the Melba to a club favourite, the Break O’Day to Flowerdale!!  Almost to Yea, then the Ghin Ghin Road to Strath Creek!!  The trip from there through Trawool to Seymour offers scenery you can’t beat – in fact, you can stick your Devil’s Marbles where the sun doesn’t shine!!  This road rocks!! (pun intended).

The Refreshments:
Another 2 great choices – the main street bakery in Kinglake and the well named “Burger Off” in Seymour!! 
After some sweet chilli chicken crispies in my burger, I headed home early to help Sally with the shopping!!  As I have said many times, don’t discount brownie points!!  Roger and I plied the “northern suburbs” silk road – aka the Hume!!

Appreciation John!!  This was the perfect follow up to Rager’s ride last week!! (Spellcheck auto-changed “Roger” to “Rager”!!!  For once, Microsoft Windows 10 knows more than I do……)  Thanks too to Steve Bailes as Tail End Charlie!! 
Also, John at his briefing, mentioned Steve’s black “Gold” Wing.  After Friday night, I’m hoping nobody mentions “black and gold”!!  Hey Pat – great performance from your boys!!

Next Week:
Mike Fittall cruises the shorelines to lovely Queenscliff with a Geelong morning tea!! Bring your fishing gear!!

Mike’s not into straight roads, so if you’re up for it, this will be a blast!!And for something different, a ferry cruise to Sorrento for an alternative trip home!!

Greg G

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  1. I won't comment on Greg's geographic challenges too much (he forgot Highlands and added Trawool?) as I was "lost" on Rager's ride the previous Sunday winkblush  Anyway we should never share too much detail - I like to keep some secrets cheeky
  2. As I was riding, I kept marvelling at how green everything (apart from the vineyards) was smiley
  3. I must admit to really enjoying the hugely varied alternatives in the Yarra Valley and was also quite happy to see sunshine and feel a bit warmer after we left Kinglake
  4.  Thanks to all who came along and made the day enjoyable cool

I only mess with videos when you're not there!!  ha ha - sorry we missed you.  I'm leading a ride in Aug and one in Sept - apart from that, for those 2 months, I'll be missing in action!! (If you can call race management at a yacht club "action").....



Greg Gleason

Hey Robert
You might have been smarter than us!!  I was at a Gillies Club meeting Sat night (single malt whisky appreciation society)!!  With a table of 6 superb single malts, I went home at 10 after 7 standard drinks so I could play chasey with you!!  Turned out to be a good decision - not too cold (except up high), mostly dry (but rotting bark strewn) roads and an awesome ride!!



Greg Gleason