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Joining Facebook and accessing Melbourne branch page

Submitted by Rickjr on Sun, 06/10/2019 - 9:37am

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Hi all,

The Melbourne branch facebook page is up and running and is being well utilised for sharing photos, stories, last minute rides etc. We also issue reminders about rides and events that are coming up.

We have the website which is great for posting lots of photos, information and calendar but Facebook allows us instant communication with members who get notified about any of our posts. So we encourage all members to join Facebook.

If you are worried about joining Facebook and sharing information, I have put in some links on how to join and keep all your information private. Once you join remember to join the Melbourne Ulysses facebook page.

Links on how to join  (melb branch facebook page link)

If you have any issues regarding Facebook please contact a member of the committee or the Melbourne branch Facebook admin team of Pat Ryan, Greg Gleason or Rick Rycken