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Last Winter Weekend 2019 and Grantville Ride

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 25/08/2019 - 8:23pm

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After an appropriate amount of pressure and threats  wink, Colin Voss has now submitted a ride report and I quote:

"Under a cloudy sky and 12C, a small group - Vince, Sam, Mike, Robert, Big Dave, Colin, Holly and Jack - set off to a morning break at Bayles, with Holly as the TEC.
John took us through back roads from Lilydale to Cockatoo and via his unparalleled navigation, provided an effortless and seamless ride.
Following the break, the group moved further South, eventually for  lunch at Grantville.
A small mishap occurred when a Tiger's front wheel failed to lift out of the centre strip on a wooden and wet bridge; resulting in an exit for it's rider.  Fortunately only a few scratches and bent engine bar resulted, with the rider untouched.
Again, John's road knowledge provided a great day's ride."

Many thanks Colin smiley

Photos (mainly contributed by Jack and Big Dave) are here:

I enjoyed pleasant camaraderie in the sun at Port Melbourne yesterday with a great bunch of Ulysseans smiley
I also enjoyed quite different camaraderie with a mainly different bunch of great Ulysseans on the ride today smiley  From memory the only people common to both days were Holly and me cool
That choice is one of the many great things about this great Club laugh