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Lilydale to Grantville

Submitted by Mr Stranger on Mon, 26/08/2019 - 10:48pm

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Well looky looky, blue skies have arrived and the worst of the weather has passed. John Cook on his trusty Honda lead the group from Lilydale to Grantville and our tail end charlie was none other than Holly on her Strom.. The usual BMW mob turned up, Colin, Jack, Mike, and Samual.. Vince from Mernda on his Strom, Big Dave on his Buell, and me on my Triumph Tiger.. On time as usual winding southward through the suburbs and finding ourselves on some awesome back roads managing to avoid traffic like it's all meant to be but, the further south we go the weather is starting to look threatening.. Partly cloudy with patchy wet roads we arrived at a quaint little town called Bayles.. Not far from there Vince bails (pun intended) to head north all the way back to Mernda.. Thanks for making the effort Vince..
Nine becomes eight as we head into persistent off and on showers just enough to keep the roads wet.. By this time I'm wishing I had also bailed as complacency was setting in and on approaching a treacherous bridge crossing I found myself shiny side down.. Thanks for the help and genuine concern from John, Mike, Big Dave, and Holly.. We soldiered on and the weather on the last leg was clearing where we finished up at Grantville in a pie shop of sorts for lunch, the tucker looked alright but I didn't deserve it.. There's a video of the ride and my
spectacular dismount...
Footnote; The mishap cost me $16 for the broken indicator lens, I managed to realign the wind shield and panel beat the crash bars and headlight protector, another cheap spill for a bike with all the good stuff attached...


Many thanks Robert yes  Great to hear the fix was sorted and you're OK. cool   
A comment:  If you have the time do watch the video.enlightened  Some really good editing (even pointed out the cherry blossom I promised wink) and also shows some great roads and scenery particularly the rolling hills of South Gippsland which (as you probably may have guessed) I love wink
Link to slide show (thanks to Big Dave and Jack) is here :