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Lilydale to Licola via Yea

Submitted by Rickjr on Sun, 28/04/2019 - 7:07pm

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Well I was looking forward to Andrew's ride to Licola. Hadn't been up that way in a long time. Jane Bunn said the weather on Sunday would be cool but pleasant with a chance of a early light shower less than a millimetre. Saturday arvo checked the tiger over, lubed the chain and filled up the tank in readiness for a early departure Sunday morning.

Woke up at 7am and looked outside. Hmmm. Seems to be a bit wet. Bloody Jane Bunn and her dodgy forecasts. Well maybe when I get to Lilydale it will have cleared up. Leaving Berwick in light drizzle ( Jane did predict this) it got heavier as I travelled from Berwick to Lilydale starting point. By the time I got to Lilydale, it was persistently raining and the other silly riders where huddled on the pub verandah out of the rain.

Andrew with 6 other riders had a quick chat and with the weather looking far worse in the direction he had planned to ride, Licola was wiped off the agenda and he said lets go north, as it looks better that way.

So along with Andrew on his MT 07, Dennis on Ducati Monster, Colin on his good looking 1250 BMW, Graham on RS1200, Geoff on NT700, Steve on the Gold Wing and me being TEC on the tiger we headed North. Yarra Glen, Flowerdale, Strath Creek with morning tea at Tallarook then under the Hume freeway and did a loop around Pyalong and High camp before ducking back through Seymour passing Tarcombe and Caveat before hitting Yea around 1.30 for lunch. We had NO rain once we passed Yarra Glen and bright sunshine which had as taking off some clothing layers at morning tea. 

On the ride home, as I crested Mt Slide heading back into Yarra Glen the light rain kicked in again along with wet roads. So the light rain Jane forecast for early morning looks like it stuck around for most of the day.

Thanks Andrew for leading a good ride around the North and saving us from getting too wet.

Andrew plans to lead another ride to Licola later this year, perhaps closer to summer. Just hoping the weather is more favourable next time!