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Lilydale to Yea Ride 19 June 2022

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 19/06/2022 - 6:11pm

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About a dozen and a half of us met at Lilydale this morning to enjoy perfect weather for a winter ride. 

There was a great variety of people and bikes.  Les came on his "new" Suzuki and Greg arrived on a Yamaha which I feel I've seen before.
Samuel volunteered to do TEC duties and we set off the simple way via Coldstream to Yarra Glen where we checked out some back streets.   As we climbed up towards Christmas Hills a learner driver checked  mirrors, pulled over to let us all past and we had a good traffic free run right through to Watsons Creek and we then did some tighter roads via Hurstbridge and Nutfield past Whittlesea to oyur morning rest stop at Toorourrong Reservoir where we met Tony of Whittlesea Branch for a morning refreshment stop.
After a chat and some food (quite a few brought extra to share) we rode on past Kinglake West to Strath Creek and diverted towards Broadford to take in the view and then doubled back and wn on to Yea for a lunch stop by the old station beside the Rail Trail which  has very good facilities and shelter.
 Steve and I rode home via Break O Day

Thanks to all who came 

More pictures are here: