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Mid Week Riding

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 19/11/2020 - 5:08pm

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I have loved our Sunday rides and the camaraderie for many years now, but this should not limit other opportunities as circumstances change.
I encourage members to simply seize the moment and get out for a ride when the opportunity fits. 
Communication is easy these days, with use of the website, Facebook plus simple phone calls.  There is no need to aim for large groups and in fact small groups of two to ten people make it much simpler to be spontaneous and stop more often.  I have done several mid-week rides in the past few weeks, as we have been coming out of lockdown and I enjoyed them all.     It also allows us to visit places that might normally be too busy on weekends.

As an example, I made it known that I was heading out for a ride on Wednesday, 18 November 2020 from Lilydale.   Andrew, Ian, Jeff and Pat joined me.   We rode off via Mt Evelyn, then straight up a narrow road to Kalorama before riding through Olinda and Sassafras.  That was followed by a ride through the beautiful Sherbrooke Forest (now wish I’d stopped to take at least one pic) past Kallista and more forest before fitting in Paternoster Road which was delightful with zero traffic and views to the Great Divide and Westernport at the same time.  We then skirted Pakenham and stopped briefly opposite the murals in Nar Nar Goon where we met Barry as pre-arranged.    
We then rode down through Cora Lynn past the delightful looking old dairy (which I believe is now a B & B) to Bayles and turned left.  I avoided roadworks on Heads Road by continuing east and was later ribbed for it.   In my defence, I had just thoroughly cleaned the bike the day before so that was a good excuse for avoiding grime.   Andrew then abandoned the ride due to electrical problems on his bike and bid us farewell.  He did make it home OK.   We found the staff at the café in Poowong very hospitable and enjoyed taking a break inside, out of the sun and under ceiling fans.  Filling out the attendance register was a reminder of the fact we’ve still not beaten the damn virus, but all was done in the best of spirit. 
We then took a detour (a nice one with great views) to Korumburra to ensure Pat had sufficient fuel in his new DR before heading south from Bena and riding some truly delightful roads with more great views.
  There are so many wonderful options down there and taking the time to simply explore is well worth the effort.   After enjoying some of my favourite roads we rejoined the highway at The Gurdies and then stopped by the shore at Tooradin for lunch and a final chat. 
As chance would have it, we met and chatted with Kevin White of Yarra Ranges while sitting in the shade by the water. 
I had a great day, thanks to all who came along and to paraphrase a certain advertisement, just get out and do it when you can.  Living in Melbourne, we have a fantastic range of riding options.
More Photos are available Here