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Mike's Queenscliff Ride 4 August 2019

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 05/08/2019 - 4:33pm

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Yes, I checked.  It is Queenscliff in the borough of Queenscliffe!  Big Dave assured me the night before that the weather forecast was good, so I got out on the bike four Sundays in a row and visited all 4 start points.  How cool is that? coolWell in my case, it was damn cold and contrary to the forecast I had rain from Montrose to Box Hill on my way out to Ardeer.  surprise   
Thank goodness for the people who invented decent motorcycling apparel for winter and heated grips etc. yes
Once again we had a great mix of both people and bikes assemble for Mike's ride despite it being a rather miserable looking winter morning.  John F was a newcomer on his Suzuki V Strom after going along to Port Melbourne to say hello the previous day.  John M, Pat and Robert represented Triumph, Stewart, Steve and I represented Honda, Mike and Jeff represented BMW, Big Dave was there on his Buell plus Gaz on his Yamaha.   Almost a dozen!
After a convivial chat and greetings we headed off west and skirted below Melton Reservoir Weir near Eynesbury, before making our way through Anakie where the sight of Fairy Park brought back some ancient nostalgic memories.  From there, it was into Geelong and once again we were treated to lovely views of the harbour and Eastern Beach as we came in along the Esplanade at Drumcondra.  It was busy but lovely.  If, you've never come in that way - do yourself a favour some time.  We enjoyed a very casual break and warm drink at the water's edge.  Pat was seen consuming local mussels and pretended it was part of his new health kick.  We then followed Hearne Parade with it's lovely views around the park and continued onto the Bellarine Peninsula and followed the coast from Portarlington to Queenscliff where we enjoyed lunch at the local bakery.  I enjoyed my hot pie. 
I had another great day.  Thanks Mike (for leading), Pat (TEC) and all who came along. smiley
Pictures available here:


Heavens, Mike!!  You're not suggesting John had "lens cleanse" issues like  had the previous week?
Sorry I missed a great ride!!



Greg Gleason