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Mike's Ride to Clunes 15 March

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 16/03/2020 - 12:07am

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The ride report is still to being written but photos are here: 
I will say I had a great day laughcool  Photos from John C and Tom so far 


Sunday 15th March 2020
Leader : Mike Fittall
Participants :
John C Honda ST1300 (pics)                                   Greg G BMW XR1000
Jeff P BMW R1250 GSA                                            Les C Yamaha FJR1300
Mike F BMW R1200RS                                             Pat R Triumph XCA 1200 (TEC)
Reece BMW 800                                                        Tom Triumph 675
John M Triumph 900                                               Dave F BMW K1300
Stewart Honda Valkyrie                                            Roger F (part) BMW K1300
We assembled at the Kalkallo meetpoint, anticipating a cool but pleasant day out. It was a bit of an unusual turnout – Reece on two wheels when he has lately been on three !, and Vince on four wheels instead of two ! Jeff and Greg showed some foresight by donning an extra layer before we left.We travelled the well-known roads north and west from Kalkallo, down into Darraweit Guim (what sort of name is that anyway ?! But good photo spot for John) and through Wallan and Romsey. It was getting decidedly cold by the time we turned through Woodend, and was definitely wintry when we got to Trentham (10-11 deg C in March !!). For reasons best known to him, Roger decided to join us here. And a longer time than normal was spent in the warm bakery before heading back out.
Once again we were on well-known roads from Trentham to Daylesford and on to Blampied before turning right and heading cross-country, on roads most of us had not been on, including the leader. The countryside flattened out some to delightful open roads through the rounded shapes of extinct volcanic cones, as well as spoil heaps from long abandoned (gold ?) mines. Adding to our appreciation was the warmer weather, as we dropped into the character-filled town of Clunes. The sight of a bunch of bikes in town had a local wondering if a sequel of Mad Max was about to be shot, not sure who he had in mind for the role of ‘Toecutter’ !
Lunch at the local bakery showed up the high quality of the local pies, with good company enjoyed around a table outside. After posing for official photos most of us left as a group, south through Creswick and to Bungaree (not quite Ballan as intended by Mike !). We then mostly went our separate ways on the freeway into Melbourne.
Thanks to John for photos, and Pat for Tail End Charlie duty, as well as all who turned up for a great day out.

Well written Mike......  in fact......

Well done on both counts!!

As good a ride report as this excellent ride deserved!!

When you look at Pat Ryan's years as Ride Co-ordinator, plus now Mike's efforts, I'm inclined to think we are very spoilt in this Branch!!  We did very well with Pat staying on committee too -  his experience, wisdom and logic is all for the good!! 

Keep up the good work guys!!  Credit where it's due, in my opinion!!



Greg Gleason

I'm glad you knew where we were wink
I have it on good authority that Big Dave was on a K1200R and it is one mean looking machine enlightenedcheeky 

Mr Findlay was, in my humble opinion, riding a black BMW K1300R - till very recently the world's fastest production naked bike.....



Greg Gleason

At least I can fix something!  Deleted those extra posts wink