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Outdoor Recreation and Road Blocks

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 14/05/2020 - 8:21pm

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In view of the new guidelines Graham and Richard joined me for some outdoor recreation on the bikes today.  We met at Lilydale and headed off via some back roads to Montrose and took in some views and autumn colour.  In Montrose we met our first road (Sheffield) closure.  A detour got us back on track to The Basin and we climbed the lovely Mountain Hwy but were hindered a bit by a truck on the way up to Sassafras.  After that we basically had no traffic problems.   We enjoyed locations such as Sherbrooke Forest, The Patch and Paternoster Road before taking a break in Gembrook.

We then had to endure the road past Kurth Kiln and met our second road closure as we started to climb the road to Donna Buang.  The Yarra looked lovely from both sides as we returned through Warburton and the Don Valley before stopping for lunch and a lovely pie at Woori Yallock.
Not being quite sated from our riding withdrawal symptoms, we headed north via Killara Road, and Gruyere before checking the views over the Yarra Valley from Old Healesville Road. 

During that ride we confirmed that the Black Spur was also still closed and that a lot of work is being done on the Maroondah Highway near Maddens Lane.   I also enjoyed another run along St Huberts Road before we bid our farewells and headed home.  It was amazing how many road works and closed roads sites I found!    I did about 200 km for the day.   Did I mention wearing thermals and using heated grips?   I had a great day and was too busy riding to take photos  blush  – Thanks for coming along guys.yes

A comment re COVID 19 
In general, you should still stay home but you may leave for the purpose of outdoor recreation. It seems motorcycling (day trips) fits in that category.  These activities can occur in groups of up to 10 people outside, but the requirements on physical distancing remain.   Please use common sense.