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Ride Report 20 May 2018

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Mon, 21/05/2018 - 8:13am

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Ride Report: Kalkallo to Yarck 20/05/2018

Ride Leader: Vince Green

Tail End Charlie: Glen ? (from Whittlesea Brach)

Reporter: Pat Ryan

A group of ten riders turned up at Kalkallo for the ride. This was most unusual for one of Vince’s rides as the last time no one arrived and the time before only two. Both times due to miserable weather however, and not to any dislike of Vince’s route planning. In addition Mike Fittall arrived in his car to see us off. Mike is currently recovering from an operation and whilst he is progressing very well, is not yet allowed to ride. Should not be long from the looks of him however.

We headed off in overcast weather but were confident there was to be no rain. Down to Donnybrook Road where we went left again to head up through Wallan and along the old road that parallels the Hume Hwy. There are some surprisingly good motorbike roads up this way and we all enjoyed the run up to Seymour where we stopped for morning tea. The fact that the coffee cart had no hot drinks and the men’s was locked up did not deter us and we all enjoyed the break with Vince urging us to get ready to get on the road again pretty quickly.

Off along the Highlands Road with its sweeping bends, narrow sections and tight turns saw some light drizzle start but no need to put on waterproofs so we continued on. Highlands Road ends at Ghin Ghin Road where we turned left and headed out towards Gobur and Terip Terip. This is another great road for motorbikes with plenty of turns and not too much traffic. There was lots of detritus from recent storms on the sides of the road but the centre was clear so we made good time. Eventually we reached the very tight turns of the run down from the escarpment to the flat land which runs into Yarck via some high speed bends.

Lunch at the Giddy Goat in Yarck which is always good before heading home. The writer made it to Yea before being told that it was pouring rain in Melbourne so I put on the wet weather gear and ten minutes later hit heavy rain which then stayed with me for most of the run home. I imagine everyone else got wet too so I did not feel too bad.

All in all another great ride thanks to Vince.