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Ride Report 27 May 2018

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Fri, 01/06/2018 - 12:38pm

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Ride Leader: Pat Ryan

Tail End Charlie: Brian Lacey

Reporter: Pat Ryan

A group of ten riders turned up at Kalkallo in lovely if cold weather for the ride. In addition John Cook joined us along the Myers Creek Road between Toolangi and Healesville with camera in hand and striking a suitable photographer’s pose as we sped past him heading for the Beechworth Bakery at Healesville. Andrew, Jack and Martin also joined us at Healesville to bring our total for the ride to fourteen. Not bad for early winter.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

We left the servo at Kalkallo by turning left away from the highway and over two hundred meters of smooth dirt and a wooden bridge onto a narrow bitumen road which took us down to Donnybrook Road. This route saves us from joining the speeding cars and trucks on the Hume Hwy and is probably a much safer and easier departure route from this start point.

Up Donnybrook Road and left to Whittlesea then up those lovely sweeping bends towards the Kinglake turnoff. This road is now signed at 80kph which is rather ridiculous so most of us were doing 100kph or so. Through Pheasant Creek and Kinglake and down the nice curves through the forest to the Melba Hwy where we did a dog leg and headed through Toolangi. This is another of our preferred forest roads. We turned off at Myers Creek Road and put on our best leans and smiles for photographer John as we negotiated the nice turns down this narrow little road and headed to Healesville for a break and to meet the rest of the group.

Suitably refreshed we took on the Black Spur with its nice scenery and tight turns. Traffic was not too bad but we were kept around the 80kph speed limit by some cars. This is not such a bad thing on this road as you never know who is coming the other way too fast and on your side of the road.

Past Narbethong and right to Marysville. Now this road is still 100kph and while hilly and winding is a very nice ride at the limit or a bit more. Straight through Marysville and on to Buxton where we followed the Maroondah Hwy up towards Alexandra.  A few kilometres before Alex a left turn takes you on to the Whanregarwen Road which is a motorcyclists delight.

Speed limit is 100kph and the road is in good condition and sweeps through fairly flat farming country with lots of turns which you can see through. This makes it quite safe to power through the bends as you can see traffic (and cops) ahead. Some riders who shall remain nameless chose to hit this road fairly hard whilst the majority of the group had a very pleasant ride without putting their licences in jeopardy. This road ends at Molesworth where we went left and headed to Yea for lunch and eventually home to our various destinations.

No rain and plenty of sunshine but a little cold made for a great day’s riding for a nice group of good mates. John’s photos of the day are available on the website.