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Ride Report. 2nd June 2019

Submitted by MikeF on Sun, 02/06/2019 - 6:49pm

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Officer to Mirboo North.
: Mike Fittall
Tail End Charlie : Pat Ryan

9 keen riders showed up at Officer on a cool Sunday morning after a cold and wet week in Melbourne - Mike, Pat (thanks for doing TEC duty), Jack, Colin, Vince, Andrew, Geoff, Roger (on his 'new' K1300), Gaz (good to see him out and about, I am told he has not slowed down at all !).
We used the main roads through Pakenham and Koo Wee Rup to get to Lang Lang for the interesting roads. This involved going through Nyora, across the South Gippsland Highway, and then a lively ride on back roads through Kernot, Almurta, and Glen Alvie (with two GSAs following, all lights blazing - no pressure !). We dropped down into Wonthaggi for morning tea, but the intended cafe had a number of cars parked outside so Maccas it was ! We all enjoyed a good chat over coffee, including a bit about the Pat/Colin/Jack tour in Croatia etc (7 days rain out of 9 !, but all good).
Roger left us as we headed up to Korumburra via Kongwak, a good run in spite of : 80 km/hr limits; 3 wheelers using most of the road, coming the other way; Vince quickly pulling up for the sudden right-hand turn over the top of the hill ! Gaz, Vince and Andrew left us at Korumburra, while the remaining five turned towards Leongatha and up into the hills to pick up the Grand Ridge Road at Hallston. This leads to a wonderful piece of sweeping road through farmland and trees before joining the main road into Mirboo North. Lunch at the bakery gave us a chance to appreciate the great roads we had been on, before aiming for the highway at Trafalgar and the tedious ride home - but we beat the rain by a couple of hours !
So it was a great winters day out, good roads and good company.


Thanks for doing the ride and the report. yes  Kris and I are enjoying our travels with the caravan blush but I look forward to getting the bike out again in July some time  Cheers