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Ride Report - Ardeer to Maldon

Submitted by MikeF on Mon, 23/03/2020 - 8:18pm

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Sunday 22nd March 2020

Leader : Big Dave Finlay

Participants :
Dave F BMW K1200R (!)                                          Brian L (TEC) BMW R1250 GS
Jeff P BMW R1250 GSA                                            Les C Yamaha FJR1300
Mike F BMW R1200RS                                             Roger F BMW K1300
John M Triumph 900                                               Vince G (part) Suzuki VStrom      
A group of 8 riders (those not on the weekend Alpine Run) met up at Ardeer meetpoint, once again anticipating a cool but pleasant day out. Dave led us out the Western Highway and past Eynesbury in light drizzle, but doing a good job of keeping us away from rain showers visible over the Gisborne area to our right. There soon followed the now obligatory u-turn on an unfamiliar road, before a short back track and ride up over the escarpment. This sharp section showed up as usual – rough road surface, gravel washed over the corners, but there was a sign helpfully left three-quarters of the way up (“Rough Surface” or similar redundant advice !). We turned north and rode past Ballan (or is it pronounced Balan ?), and on to Daylesford – don’t you hate erratic drivers who alternate between 70 and 80 km/hr with a lineup of other cars behind ?! And sports bike riders who zip past on wet roads !

Our coffee stop was spent off the main street of Daylesford, enjoying the sunshine now coming out, as well as the company present. The Honourable Member for Mernda (that would be Vince) left us as we set off north through rolling dry countryside, turning at Newstead to ride into Maldon. After a wander past a few local shops (including a Norton 850 in one window), a leisurely lunch was spent in sunshine in the bakery garden, spread out around two tables – social distancing of course !

We mostly went in different directions after lunch – Brian looking for some dirt roads; Les and John back home through Creswick and Ballan (that town we missed last week); Roger took Mike and Jeff on the old Calder road before hitting the freeway where we were passed by Dave !

So that was another great day that turned out well. Thanks to Dave for showing us the way, and Brian for tail-end duties.

(See Facebook for a few photos posted by Dave).


Thanks for the ride report Mike, had a great day, thanks again to all who came along, will see you all again soon when we are free to socialise, cheers bigdave