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Ride Report Kalkallo to Seymour 9 Sep 2018

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Mon, 10/09/2018 - 10:11am

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Ride Report 8/9/189 Kalkallo – Whittlesea- Kinglake - Broadford – Seymour

Ride Leader Steve Bailes

I received a text msg from Libby asking me not to leave before they arrived, members this keen boded well for the ride. What a great start to the day which only got better. Arriving early at Kalkallo I was pleasantly surprised to see members already fueled up and raring to go, then as I was refueling more and more and even more including some previously dormant members arriving making a grant total of 19 then at the last-minute Jack arrived up making our ride an even 20, a great start to the day.

Sadly, as we approached Whittlesea someone became *geographically embarrassed and headed of towards Wandong taking half of the ride with them, this of course played havoc for those in the main group with no Tail end Charlie. However, we all eventually reformed in Broadford and had a good gossip about where “the others” went and watched with anticipation as riders arrived.

The next phase of the ride went ahead and we toured the delightful country roads in the Broadford-Pyalong-Seymour triangle also testing our skills executing a three-point turn to avoid a gravel road (*being geographically embarrassed seemed to be catching?).

Eventually arriving in Seymour to sample the “delights” of Macca’s and of course the Restrooms, as we took over a number of tables the friendly and convivial atmosphere was clearly apparent outside too we were gathered in groups chatting away. All in all I belive it was an enjoyable day out.

It was great to see so many attend the ride and I hope as the weather improves we shall see this number and more in the future.


Steve Bailes