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Roger Foot's Lancefield Ride Via Trentham 3 06 18

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 03/06/2018 - 4:36pm

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Fifteen riders arrived at Ardeer in high spirits in superb winter sunshine.  Getting there was cold, and the Blackwood to Trentham segment threatened to be even more so, but rugged up ands raring to go, we ran up the Western Freeway and off towards Eynesbury, skirting around to enter Bacchus Marsh from the south.  From there, the picturesque Pentland Hills Road through Myrniong to play with some fire trucks, then to Greendale and its sweeping curves and gentle undulations.

Enjoying the Blackwood and Lerderderg Hills (do things last longer in a refrigerator? - if so perhaps I'll move to that neighbourhood...) - bracingly crisp but what a road!!!  Trentham is a pretty place and the morning tea opportunities abound, so it was a happy little group soaking up the sunshine, all the bikes parked together, except fpr Pat's - out on it's own on the main corner!  Was it a strategy to get first place in the bakery queue?

After some food , drinks and a lot of laughs (mostly about Steve's horror morning with the 'Wing's bluetooth connectivity - or lack thereof), we saddled up and headed for Lancefield.  We crossed to Kyneton on a road that's (for me) quite scary....(I hit a kangaroo in the dusk on that road 30 years ago).  Looping across to Lancefield we picked up the engaging Burke & Wills Track for more laid over cornering fun. 

Part way there, Mark's (usually) trusty Firestorm took some R&R in the middle of nowhere - Pat stopped to help, Greg ignored Pat's telephone call and that left Vince and Cath (who do answer Pat's phone calls) to play Tail End Charlie for the duration.  Greg's brand new Thruxton 1200R did some of its "running in" by formation flying with John's Triumph Scrambler - if not for Libby's absence, we'd have created our own Triumph special interest group......

All too soon, we hit Lancefield and enjoyed a fun lunch in the sun -  although the cold south wind was biting.  More laughs, but this time for the right reason - with the ride now over, Steve's bluetooth connectivity finally did just that!!  Mod cons - where'd we be without them?

Andrew has a Nagambie ride listed for next Sunday - see you then.  Thanks to Roger for a great ride yet again, and to Pat Ryan as Tail End Charlie.


Greg G (Photographer & Ride Reporter)