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Roger's Werribee South To Eyensbury 5 06 22

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Wed, 25/05/2022 - 8:34pm

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Roger's ride will be a ripper - a few pics of the recce ride.....  Nope sorry!!  They're there, but the website has chosen not to display them for some reason - see gallery!!


The fact is that pictures do not show up in "Latest Content" 
It is easy to add a link (for the Gallery or Album) to a forum notice or a blog.  
It is also quite simple to add a photo to a blog or Forum Notice as I have done in quite a few posts.  
When doing a post you should see a logo like a picture in the masthead and it is labelled IMCE, click on that and you can add a photo.  Make sure it is not too big (250Kb is as large as you should go)  resize width to about "720" and insert it. enlightened
This link may help too


Sorry Roger and Mike, I should have made it three but when I reached Geelong I realised that I’d missed Exit 22. I ended up in Queenscliff and took the ferry across for a couple of “catch ups”. 

Bill Dusting

Great day for a "Round the Bay" Bill!  We'll be doing it again later in the year so just remember it's the first turn off after passing Werribee Open Range Zoo.