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What Better Way to End a Ride?

Submitted by Greg G on Thu, 23/05/2019 - 6:42pm

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My fellow Ulysseans (sounds like a political speech intro):

I, for one, love a "hot" meal after a Ulysses ride on a cold winter day!!

What I will try to do is find a suitable "sub continent" restaurant near where any of my winter rides finish.  In all cases, I won't recommend one that doesn't offer choices for the less "flame proof" amongst us!!

Just a bit of winter fun, but who knows?  Don't feel obliged to participate - to each his/her own!!


Greg G


Pat Ryan tells me there is a great curry house in Mansfield!!  We might get to try it on the Odyssey weekend in October, if not before!!  Apparently, it "tikka's" all the boxes.......  And I'm not "(rogan) josh - ing" either!  I get a bit nervous on rides, but I'm much "korma" afterwards!  There's nothing "dahl" about our rides.




Greg Gleason

Touche. I will never get into a punfight with you again Greg!