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Laos for the next Adventure?

Submitted by drof1956 on Thu, 02/09/2010 - 7:09pm

Laos could be next for a bike adventure. Graeme O'Halloron and I have been discussing the possibility of a trip to Laos for a couple weeks of mountain exploring on 250 honda's. , leaving 22nd December 2010. If any body is interested please contact me or Graeme for further discussions.

Doug Shearer  0418984791

Graeme O'Halloron  0404083134

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Submitted by bikechickadee on Tue, 13/07/2010 - 5:37pm

Just checked the BOM Website and it looks like the weather is on the improve and heating up graduallynext week. Time to dust off the bike and get on it! Just a reminder of my ride on Sat the 17TH of December ditch the Chrissie shopping for half a day and come help me celebrate /commiserate the passing of anther year!!!

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