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Computer Woes

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 28/11/2011 - 10:40pm

It finally happened, the mother board on my PC, which I had been assured had many archaic drivers on it (I thought that appropriate for people of our vintage) decided to "die" late last week.  Off to the doctor It went and the diagnosis today confirmed that it was in fact deceased.  

Yes!  I do know about the importance of backing up etc., but who actually does that all the time?   I believe the data will be recovered soon, but for a short time I am without my email list and also some attendance lists I have been updating - damn!  

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The 14th Melbourne Branch Autumn Ice Run May 2011

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 19/06/2011 - 9:45pm


The 14th Melbourne Branch Autumn Ice Run May 2011


A fortnight before the scheduled start the top of the Victorian Alps were covered in snow, it was freezing and it was too dangerous to attempt the planned route.   I was having anxiety attacks about what to do after booking accommodation for almost 30 people.   I need not have worried as Mother Nature smiled on us again and we had a very mild week before setting off from Dandenong early on Saturday, 21 May in very mild and dry conditions.

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Update on Samuel

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 16/01/2011 - 6:11pm

I will post an update on Samuel (who unfortunately came off today) as soon as I have more detail.

He is being admitted at RMH and was in transit between the ED and a ward when I spoke to nursing staff and they were unable to tell me a great deal.  Hopefully I will find out more in an hour or two. 

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Branch AGM and Committee Positions

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 10/01/2011 - 2:43pm

All members are reminded of and invited to attend the Branch AGM at Donvale on Sunday 20 February 2010.  Lunch will be provided after the formal meeting is over.

 All members are welcome to nominate for any position on the committee and input is always welcome.   Nominations have been received for all formal positions except that of secretary and we would really love to see some fresh faces on the committee to ensure the continuing health of the branch into the future.

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