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Website Sponsors

This page lists our website sponsors namely BM motorcycles - Ringwood and Andy Strapz.   
These organisations support us and most offer discounts to Ulysses Club members, so please return the favour and show your support to them! 


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Honour Board

The Honour board recognises the untiring service by members who have voluntarily given up their time to perform the duties of committee persons on the Melbourne Branch committee, or have been awarded Life Membership or the Stephen Dearnley Medal for contributions to the Ulysses Club.
EDIT November 2021 -  Due to formatting issues the Honour Board is now being attached in 10 year blocks for historical record purposes    See Attachments 
Melbourne Branch Honour Board -

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The Clive Sadleir Award

Clive Sadleir joined the Ulysses club in 1987 with a membership number of 1169 and was an active member of the Melbourne Branch until his untimely death in 2000. His first bike was a 250cc Triumph and this was followed by several BMW K series. He enjoyed his riding and was always amongst the fast ones. His red leather jacket was very distinctive with the words 'Born 1921, Not Dead Yet'? emblazoned on the back.

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