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Greg G's Ride 11 03 18 - Dandenong to Pakenham via the Yarra Valley & Kirth Kiln

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 11/03/2018 - 3:43pm

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Ride report follows -

Ulysses Club – Melbourne Branch

Ride Report

Greg G’s Ride 11 03 18 – Dandenong to Pakenham via the Yarra Valley & Kirth Kiln


17 riders gathered at the Dandenong departure point for a somewhat short but very scenic ride.  Jack and Sam pulled out at Woori Yallock, John had intended to, but changed his mind and saw out the ride, and Andrew only “joined” the ride at the Pakenham lunch stop.

We skirted Endeavour Hills and the back of Berwick, enjoyed the “criminally” speed limited road from Upper Beacy to Cockatoo, cut loose a bit on Paternoster Road and took the long road to Cockatoo.

We cut back up Avon Road to Macclesfield Road, making incredibly good time for a 70km/h zone (hint – Greg had a co-conspirator in Les, and that superb road can only be ridden one way – quickly). 

Morning tea at the award winning Woori Yallock bakehouse gave us a chance to discuss all manner of issues, but the recent Pat/Alf/John spin around NZ’s north island was the hot topic!!

We ran north to Dalry Road (very picturesque) and down the Don Valley to Launching Place – well named, because a certain ride leader “launched” off from there to enjoy the roads.  First a car, then a car and trailer, finally a triple horse float – NOTHING stood in Greg’s way!!  What a blast…….  (By the looks on the faces at Pakenham, he wasn't the only one....)

Through Gembrook and down to Pakenham where another bakehouse scored some seriously good reviews – and all well justified.  Great roads and a great bunch to ride with!!  Thanks John Cook for again sacrificing your ride to get pictures, and thanks too to Holly Fields for taking on the TEC role.  Finally, thanks to all who came along – great Ulysses camaraderie!!

Don’t miss Mike’s Trentham ride next week (sadly I am leg-ironed into helping the sailing club, but I’ll be back for the Alpine Tour) – see you all soon.

Greg G



Agree wholeheartedly and really enjoyed the "Close to home" finish. I was wondering why when I was doing 100kph or more down that 70kph road and not catching anyone. My speedo must be broken!

Pat Ryan