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Mornington CHEERS

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 05/02/2019 - 3:40pm

You should all simply be aware by now that the Ulysses Club National Rally starts at Mornington later this month.  Read More enlightened

I say CHEERS   enlightenedwink

Camaraderie     Come enjoy some with your fellow Ulysseans 
Hospitality        As Melbournites and Victorians extend some to our visitors.  As visitors enjoy it  
Enjoy                 The whole event whether as a host and or visitor 
Explore              The surrounds - there is lots to see and do beyond the normal tourist things 
Rally                   Yes it is a rally for Ulysseans combined with our Club Annual General Meeting 
Support             The Club, your hosts, fellow Ulysseans and guests

There will no doubt be hiccups along the way but I simply say do your best to both enjoy yourselves and do what you can to help others and make them feel welcome.
To my fellow "Mexicans"  it is still not too late to hop in, help and enhance the camaraderie which is the reason this great club exists winkenlightened

Finally, the following photo was taken on Saturday evening at Mt Martha Beach where I dined with friends after attending a UCNR committee meeting. 
That very same beach is also depicted on the UCNR 2019 website  See:
Yes the sun sets over the bay each evening right near our venue and we tend to forget how good we have it right here in Melbourne


For those not already working here and there quite a number Melbourne members (plus many many others) doing so wink

See you tomorrow laugh

Registration Opens 0800 Monday enlightenedcool 

Was that the title of a song sung by The Rolling Stones way back in my Youth?  I recall it being on a vinyl album I bought in 1964.  Apparently the writer Bobby Womack also released it that year!  
I digress  blush  Had a great time at Mornington.  Adding pictures now.  Will do a "report" soonishwink