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Jacks Mystery Ride - 8 September 2019

Submitted by MikeF on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 9:56am

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Jacks ride turned out to be a day of many mysteries - where was Roger going?, where exactly were we going?, where was morning coffee stop?, where did Dave and TEC disappear to?, would we get home dry ?.

So 7 of us lined up in Lilydale on a bright enough Sunday morning - Jack, Dave (on the MT01 with the small tank!), Jeff (on brand new 1250 GSA), Andrew, Mike, Pat, Ian (TEC). Roger pulled in on the loaded up K1300 for a quick chat just as we were leaving. From Lilydale Jack took us out to Healesville and up Chum Creek road, on to Kinglake and out the back down to the Melba highway. A quick run through Glenburn to Strath Creek was appreciated by all, although Dave was nursing the fuel consumption of the MT01. Strath Creek was the 'coffee stop' - the corner store was knocked down several years ago, and Pat swears the hotel was closed in 1944 ! So after a short break we were on our way again - across to the Highlands road, up over to Yarck (a few patches of loose gravel and bark to keep the concentration sharp) and onto Yea via the Killingsworth road. I am told this is a great short section of road, but after waiting for Dave and Ian and figuring Dave had probably run short of fuel, continued straight to Yea. An enjoyable lunch was had in Yea (Dave took a short detour to Alexandra to top up). The weather radar showed we were in for shocking ride home (except Pat who had bailed at Strath Creek due to a sore knee). And so it poured all the way home ! - I did not realise my gloves could hold a litre of water each ! And that grey cars with no lights on could appear out of nowhere when you happen to be overtaking !

Thanks Jack for a great combination of roads, and everyone else for sharing the day. A good day out, even with the rain.


Ha ha, sorry to appear at the last minute. After much research I have bought a new tail pack which I will need for the Odyssey and The Snowy Ride, and wanted to try it out. Only had the morning available but thought I might join the first leg of the Ride, but didn't allow for roadworks near home and a petrol stop en route! Anyway I did a nice loop back to Essendon via Yarra Glen and Kangaroo Ground without getting wet!  I think it's called a cameo appearance.

Awesome ride report Mike.. Nice easy read.. We expect even more from you now... :-)