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Wallan to Bacchus Marsh

Submitted by MikeF on Tue, 02/06/2020 - 7:17pm

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Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 10:00am

YES, you read right.  Due to Health advice we are starting at Wallan instead of Kalkallo! 
Please ring or text Greg if you intend to join the ride due to changing COVID advice.

The plan is to meet at the bakery between Hogans and McDonalds. 
Greg will take us on a variety of roads north and then west, to stop for coffee in a warm cafe at Trentham. The ride then heads further west and south through Ballan, before taking the scenic route into the back of Bacchus Marsh for lunch.

If group numbers exceed 10 (EDIT 23 JUNE)  we will take refreshment and lunch breaks at separated locations.

Physical distancing rules still apply and participants are expected to use common sense regarding CoVid19.

Leader : Greg Gleason, 0424 956 078 

NB Starting point has changed to Wallan. 


  1. The national medical expert panel says it “strongly discourages travel to and from” the areas of Hume, ...etc, - this includes Kalkallo sad The committee is reviewing situation.  If you intend to participate do contact Gregenlightened
  2. As of 22 June group sizes for outdoor restriction have been reduced to 10 again. 
  3. Thank the people who have not been following guidelines and don't blame our health officials 
  4. If Group size looks like exceeding 10 people, the ride leader will make alternative arrangements to ensure we stay safe and follow directions enlightened
  5. The real issue is the size of the groups before and after not social distancing, the size of the group while actually riding is not the issue, but let's be honest; we are social and it is difficult to avoid socialising if two groups arrive at the same destination indecision

Got 7 takers at present - Mike & I ought to be able to handle this.........



Greg Gleason