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01 GoPro video of Club ride to Lake Eildon Sunday 5th Jan 2014

Submitted by Rickjr on Wed, 08/01/2014 - 11:39pm

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First attempt at using GoPro and editing vision.


I had to cut and paste the address to make it work.  Might still need some polishing on the link but really liked the video.   

Hi Rick and everyone. I've done a quick fix for the adding youtube and vimeo videos. The site upgrade will have a better one but for now , when you make a blog or forum post theres a new video: field where you can simply paste the page url of the youtube or vimeo video. Its just above the body field. Hope that makes it easier . Great vid btw . Hope we see many more go pro creations yes



ummm, errrr , sorry about that . You should all now be able to see the vid ::sigh:: . 

embarrassment blush