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031 Track Day at Symmons Plain 4 March

Submitted by John_Cook on Sat, 23/01/2016 - 11:27am

For those going to Tassie for the AGM here is a link to this event  BOOK ASAP

 I have now received an email indicating the event may not go ahead if more registrations are not received very soon.

The upshot is that if you're interested and intend to go register asap.        Registration due by 26 January.

 Here is a copy of the email:

"Hello everyone

Ulysses Ride Day at Symmons Plains, Tasmania, 4th March 2016

One of our members has registered to participate in the Symmons Plains Ride Day in Tasmania and has recently received the following email from the coordinator, which is circulated below for your information:

“  Thank you for expressing an interest in the Ulysses Symmons Plains Ride day. Unfortunately at this stage, while we have got close, we have not reached the minimum number of participants required.  I would like to enlist you to assist us to reach that number.

I am emailing every person that has expressed an interest and would ask if you could circulate the information below to others that may be attending the AGM and might be interested in the ride day but had discounted participating thinking they needed full leathers or to somehow prepare their bike for the activity.
If you could circulate the information to your fellow club members and via your networks and if each person can find one other to attend we will be in a position to run the day. I'm hoping you can help me to get the day happening for you.
The extended cut-off date is COB next Tuesday the 26th of January.  If we get the numbers required I will email entry forms with payment details the following day. These forms and payment will need to be completed and returned by Sunday the 31st of January 2016.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Just a couple of extra bits of information about the ride day:
Full leathers are encouraged but are not required to participate, a minimum is Kevlar jeans or similar, a protective motorcycle jacket, full gloves, motorcycle boots and Australian Standard helmet (full face encouraged)  
Removal or taping of glass and mirrors on the motorcycle is not required.
There are air conditioned facilities for spectators above the pit lane garages.
Sessions of ten minutes are run in a rotating cycle of four self-selected groups of different skills  /  speeds and riders can ask to move up or down groups to suit their motivation and ability. Each group should get 7 to 10 sessions depending on how the day unfolds.

Best regards
Matt Smith, Ride Coordinator – TMCC/Ulysses Ride Day  “

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