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07 Ride to Yarck

Submitted by bobbie on Tue, 26/07/2016 - 1:12pm

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As a non rider anymore I have just read the write up on Last Sunday's ride to Yea and finishing at Yarck. Congratulations to Greg for this article. I feel that an article attached to or placed on a blog soon after the ride is more relevant than reading about it months later.

I was in the club when the idea of a newsletter with ride write ups was first proposed and this has been a great success. However with time, which marches on I now consider that the write ups could be posted after each ride and therefore enjoyed sooner and as I said can be related to weather conditions and other factors much better. This would also make the compiling of the newsletter so much easier. Where photos have been taken they can then all go together.

How about your opinion. I have given mine.


Sounds like a good idea to me Bob.  Greg sent me his report very soon after the ride yes (the best time to do them when the memory is fresh) and it is great to get feedback from someone other than the usual suspects.

Greg has volunteered to do more and that is certainly appreciated but it would also be great to hear from a wider variety of participants.   We have to become more dilligent in recruiting "scribes" before the rides startenlightened     

Blogs are one way they can be "loaded" but often attaching them as a "comment" to the picture gallery provides a good view of the ride.

Rides beyond the usual day rides are probably better as "blogs" as they can then also be added to the Road Trips book - folder.

All of this reminds me that we still have to improve accessibilty to the picture galleries or "albums".    It is a recognised issue at present blush

Lilydale to Yarck (or “But I Don’t Ride In the Rain, Mister!!”) – 24/7/2016

Ride Leader Pat Ryan set us off at Lilydale (Les Cox starts rides at a coffee shop…… Oh well!!) for a ride through the Yarra Valley to Kinglake, on to Yea (for coffee and dim sims) and to Yarck for lunch.  The forecast said “no rain till evening” so some arrived for the ride in dry weather gear!  A quick pre start survey saw ride leader Pat win the first award – for wearing 5 layers of clothing!  Ha ha, I thought, but little did I know how cool Kinglake can be….

Ride conditions were very good to Pheasant Creek, where the Bureau of Meteorology started its day of shame – down it came, light at first but giving the subtle impression that it might be here to stay……  Hmmm, till I joined the Ulysseans, my motto was “if the Big Bloke Upstairs had wanted us to ride in the rain, he’d have designed us with web feet and made car washes free!”  However, a few of the less prepared delved into their gear sacks and donned waterproofs.  And it was “quite cold”…….

The scenery and the rural scents of grass, bush and flowers abounded – sadly, so did light precipitation.  We got to Yea a bit damp – I didn’t check my ambient temperature gauge, and my black ice warning shows at 2.5 degrees (tough lot these Bavarians) so it came as a shock that a few members that fancy themselves as Paul Higgins or Jane Bunn could report temps of about 3 degrees for most of the higher altitude sections.

In good spirits we pushed on to Yarck for lunch at the Giddy Goat (awesome) before departing for the return ride – John Cook suggested a ride across toHealesville via the Black Spur – did I want to join them?  If I’d been heading to Shepparton, I’d still have gone that way – an iconic motorcycle ride!!  Sadly we were plagued with a bit more rain and pesky cars that seriously slowed our cornering fun, but still an awesome place for motorcyclists to visit – I suspect this is how it feels for priests to visit the Vatican but not get to say mass there!!

What a great ride – Pat Ryan did us proud!!  Thanks from all of us Pat!!  (And gratitude to official photographer John Cook – great pics, mate). 

Hang on, what about me?  The “I don’t ride in the rain” bloke.   After today, I don’t care how long it takes to wash the bike – I had a BALL!!

See you on the next ride, guys!!


BMW K1300S Motorsport

Note:  Greg apologised for not knowing all the names (I thought that lack of memory was an accepted qualification for Ulysseanswink) and not being able to name the TEC – It was Bill Dusting so we were bookended by a pair of red V Stroms cool.

Greg – Many thanks for the ride report yes.  John Cook   BTW Greg .. There is coffee available across the road at Lilydale enlightenedwink