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2010 President's Report 06 June

Submitted by John_Cook on Sat, 24/07/2010 - 1:14pm

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Our regular rides have been very well attended with the exception of a couple of bad weather days.  I would like to thank all the members who have stepped up and actually led rides and all those who have participated.   The Ulysses Club is an inclusive club and members of all branches are welcome to participate in our rides. 

The 13th Ice Run was held over the weekend of the 22nd & 23rd May and was very well attended with a total of 37 people on 30 bikes.

I am still looking for more volunteers to lead some rides over the winter months so that we can keep the calendar full and ensure the continued strength of the Melbourne Branch.   Cold and wet days do occur July through September, but we do also get some beautiful sunny days which can actually be perfect for riding.  As these cannot be predicted months in advance we will continue to schedule a ride every week and accept that on occasions if we get really bad weather, very few participants will attend.  That eventuality would not be a reflection on the ride leader.   It would be great if some of you regular riders would help out with this – check the calendar and get in touch with me.

Social Events  

We received visitors Keith and Ellen (Ulysses members from England) at our social night at Highway 31 in May and they quite enjoyed themselves.   They have now returned to Cornwall and will return next year to continue their ride around Australia.

The High Country Odyssey will be run again this year over the Cup weekend at Mansfield to coincide with the High Country Festival.    This has been a great event for many years now so come along and join in the fun.   

Registrations and payment to Margaret Taylor.

We really do need several more volunteers urgently to assist in organising and running the event or its continuation beyond this year is in great doubt.  Please contact Margaret or me if you can help. 

Thank You

I wish to thank Deborah Jasper for many years service to the club and branch - most recently as the editor of the Spare Tyre and stepping up yet again for a final edition while we located a new editor.  I also wish to thank Alf Dennemoser for stepping up to the plate and taking on the editor’s role and wish you all the best.   Without people like these we really would not be able to get the information we need and therefore the enjoyment of our membership which we could all too easily take for granted. 


Bike Mart, Metro Honda and Ducati plus Tread and Things all in Ringwood have provided money to sponsor the web site and circulation of the Spare Tyre.   The financial support provided by these businesses make it possible for us to provide communication to members and prospective members and I urge you to consider these businesses when looking for bikes, parts, accessories, servicing and or clothing.


Stay safe on the roads and keep enjoying the many things this great club brings us.


John Cook