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2011 President's Report 12 December

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 06/12/2011 - 3:53pm

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The High Country Odyssey at Mansfield was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.   Attendance numbers have waned over the past 5 years to the stage that it is not economically viable to continue to run the event in its current format.   I have posted a forum regarding this issue on the website inviting discussion – comments from members so that the matter can be addressed at the branch AGM on 12 February 2012.    

Very Special Kids (VSK) Day was a great success with over 100 kids and their families attending and enjoying the rides and entertainment put on for them.

The President’s BBQ ride on 4 December was well attended by a combination of familiar and new paces and enhanced by the attendance of 3 former presidents.     

Future Events

Ron Blomley has again organised a “Swanpool Revisited” weekend for the 18th and 19th February 2012, the weekend after the branch AGM.

Many members are planning their trip to the National AGM at Mildura.   Raymond Herd is trying to organise a joint arrival for those who will be camping so that the Melbourne Branch members can camp in close proximity to each other and display a united branch hub and to enhance the camaraderie at the event.  More details on this will be posted in the coming months.

Branch Finances

I would like acknowledge the efforts of previous committees and members over the years in ensuring the branch is in a healthy financial state.   Essentially we are a social club for older people who enjoy motorcycling and therefore the branch does not have a pressing need to make profits.  The efforts of previous committees and support of our sponsors enable us to meet all costs and also partially fund events such as the Christmas function, BBQ ride and totally fund VSK Day without diminishing the branch funds.   The 2011 Odyssey was run at a loss this year, but thanks to the efforts of previous committees and members, this has not had a disastrous outcome for our finances.   It is perceived that there will be a need to conduct some raffles during the coming year to maintain the health of the branch finances.    

Branch Continuity

The next branch AGM is in February 2012.   The branch can only continue to provide for the enjoyment of members by having an active and constantly evolving committee.  Holly, Sheri, Peter, Greg and I are willing to stand again next year but we really do need to some fresh members to step up to the plate to ensure the continued health and vitality of the branch.  We would really like to see a number of members nominate to join the committee and take on the task of running branch related social events and bring in some fresh views.  If you think you have some skills that can help the continuity of this great branch and club please do step up and get involved.

Enjoy the warm season

Summer has now arrived, and despite a cool start and relatively damp spring there are plenty of great riding opportunities ahead of us with the ride calendar already looking very healthy until the end of March.   Volunteers to lead rides during autumn and into the future are still being sought.   All I can say is enjoy your activities, motorcycling and the reasons you joined this great club as we have a great variety of roads, scenery and events all around us.

For those with the time, a midweek ride is also a great way to enjoy motorcycling and you can use this site to communicate and get a small group together. 

Finally, I would like to say, “When riding, practise road craft, courtesy and consideration for others so that we can continue to enjoy our motorcycling safely.”

John Cook