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2012 President's Report 02 February AGM

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 16/02/2012 - 1:51pm

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 President’s Report to 2012 Branch AGM

It is with pleasure that I present my report for 2011 which has been a successful and eventful year thanks to the efforts of the committee and all the members who have participated in and assisted with the many events and rides which the branch hosted.

The ride calendar was kept very full throughout the year with a great variety of rides thanks to the participation of the many members who took on the role of leading rides.  Holly and I are conscious of the desire to spread the starting points around and a couple of extra rides from Ardeer could improve the balance.  

The Swanpool Weekend is proving to be very popular and is on again next weekend 18 – 19 February 2012.  I wish to thank to Ron Blomley for his innovation and energy in setting this up and actively promoting it.   I must also apologise to Ron for failing to pass the branch’s appreciation on to the people at Swanpool who have supported the event over the past few years as was promised at the last AGM.   That failure was an oversight on my part and I will ensure that appreciation is sent this year.          

The Annual Ice Run was again held in May with almost 30 people attending in good weather.  This year the 15th Ice Run will be held on 19 – 20 May. 

The High Country Odyssey at Mansfield was again thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended but waning numbers led to the situation where the event was run at a loss to the branch.  That fact has been publicised and alternatives have been examined.

The committee will recommend that the Odyssey be run at Nagambie around either 12 or 26 October and that will be discussed further once the new committee has been installed.   I would like to acknowledge and thank the good work of the people who were instrumental in the instigation of the Odyssey at Mansfield and the many members who have helped make it work over the past 12 years.  

In addition to a Branch Odyssey it is also open for members to run back to basics weekends or similar and promote them on the branch ride calendar.   Activities are only limited by the efforts members are willing to put in.

 The VSK Day at Cardinia Reservoir was again well received by the Very Special Kids for whom it was put on and their families.  Many thanks to Holly for organising this event and all those members who hopped in and made it all run so smoothly.       

On the social front, the monthly pub nights at the Tower continue to be well attended.   Attendance has also been good on Saturday mornings at Port Melbourne but the continuity of the Tall Ships Café is uncertain, so we may well have to examine alternative venues again.

The Christmas function was again a great end to the social calendar for the branch. 

Kate Clarke, the website administrator has been doing a great job and continued to enhance the site which she launched as a completely new website in July 2010.  Over 160 members have now registered to use the site and I encourage all members who have not yet registered to do so.   It is a great communication avenue for members.   

Alf Dennemoser has also done a great job in preparing the Spare Tyre which is available to all members via the website.  Those members who would like a hard copy posted to them are reminded that today would be the perfect time to pay their subscription. 

As the branch cannot charge fees or similar, our sources of funding are very limited and the continuing health of our finances is largely thanks to our sponsors namely;

Bike Mart in Ringwood

Jeffrey Motorcycles in Ferntree Gully plus

Metro Motorcycles plus Treads and Things in Ringwood

I encourage all members to support these businesses as they enable the branch’s finances to remain healthy and provide the things you want from the club.

I regret to advise that Mike McCann #2048 passed away on 13 March 2011 after a long battle with health issues.   Mike was a keen motorcyclist for many years and an early member and supporter of the Ulysses Club.  He thoroughly enjoyed participating in branch rides until failing health precluded him from participating and even after that he continued to remain involved with members socially.  The fact that he has “Ridden On” is detailed in the August 2011 “Riding On” magazine.

I wish to remind members that safety is paramount at all times and particularly on branch rides.  Courtesy to fellow members (whose experience and skills vary), safe and legal overtaking practices, roadcraft and patience are essential to ensure safe and enjoyable ride days.  Each and every member is responsible for her or his own safety and compliance with road laws.   The very nature of motorcycling means that many challenging and interesting roads are selected for our rides.   Therefore approach speeds to bends etc should be limited by experience and field of view to ensure safe exits and avoiding running wide.  Fatigue or falling concentration towards the end of a day can also be a great danger.

I also wish to remind members that the club offers rebates of up to $80 per 3 year membership for additional rider training or first aid qualifications, which can be a great investment in your enjoyment of riding and the safety of your family members and fellow riders.  

Having said all that, I still find motorcycling very enjoyable and I am looking forward to another great year.   

Finally I would like to thank all the members of the committee whose involvement has ensured the smooth running of the branch over the past year.

I would particularly like to thank retiring committee members John and Keith for their contributions over the years. 


John Cook