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2012 President's Report 04 April

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 08/05/2012 - 4:06pm

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President’s Report April 2012

New Committee

Members of the new committee are Holly Fields (Secretary and Ride Coordinator), Peter McCrae (Treasurer), Greg Rees (Quartermaster) plus Doug Shearer and Samuel Sun who were elected as general committee members.   I remain in the role of president.   Kate Clarke has remained in the ex-officio role of website administrator and Alf Dennemoser has volunteered to remain as Spare Tyre Editor.   In addition Martyn Goodwin (Skutr) has volunteered to assist with fund raising.    


With regard to the website, it is impossible to keep everything immediately obvious on the front page so Kate, Holly and I perform an editing role to keep what we believe are the most important items front and centre.  A click on the “Latest Content” header will take you to the most recent activities and forum posts and is a good way to see what the most recent activity is.

The website and Spare Tyre are great communication avenues thanks to Kate and Alf and can only be as useful as the input provided by members.

Melbourne Branch Odyssey at Nagambie Friday October 12 to Sunday October 14

As detailed at the Branch AGM, the annual Melbourne Branch get together this year will be held at Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park which is beautifully located between the Goulburn River and Lake Nagambie.  The event is detailed on the web page and a subcommittee is still finalising details for a much simpler event.   The plan is to have a dinner with entertainment in the onsite convention centre on the Saturday night so getting back to accommodation afterwards is not a concern, nor an expense.   We still have to decide on whether or not we provide a catered breakfast on the Sunday morning or simply utilise the on site kitchens for a self catered get together.  The facilities really are great.  We are also planning a couple of alternative rides probably to old gold diggings at Whroo on the Saturday and possibly a ride to Ruffy.

If you intend to come (and it should be a great event with new things to see and do)

·         Please contact the Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park direct to arrange your accommodation

·         Please let me know of your intention to come so that we can get an idea of numbers.  Use the link to president on the contact us link or ring me on 9728 5769 or 0419 599 530.

·         We will issue a registration form once we finalise details but in the meantime get in and confirm your accommodation.  


Rides and participation

As I have repeatedly stated, I believe that one of the primary strengths of the Melbourne branch is that we hold regular and very interesting rides from a variety of starting points which are open to all Ulysses members irrespective of branch affiliation.   We can only continue to provide this interesting variety of rides if members who regularly participate in rides, actually volunteer to lead a ride from time to time.   Holly is  now actively looking for volunteers to lead some rides over the winter months, particularly July through to September so that we can keep the calendar full and ensure the continued strength of the Melbourne Branch.   I know that some cold and wet days do occur June through September, but we also get some beautiful sunny days which can actually be perfect for riding.  These cannot be predicted months in advance and I feel we need to schedule a ride every week and accept that on occasions if we get really bad weather, very few participants will attend and that would not be a reflection on the ride leader.  So come on!  If you haven’t led a ride recently get in touch with Holly or me so that we can fill the calendar up to September before the next Spare Tyre come out.

The ride calendar has been full since the branch AGM and a great variety of rides have been conducted.  Thank you to all those who have volunteered to lead rides and also thank you to all those who took on Tail End Charlie Duties.  It has also been great to see the mix of regular (old?) and new faces participating.  The branch was well represented at the National AGM in Mildura and thank you once again Bill Dusting for sharing the event with us by posting the photos of the event.  We were all sorry to hear that our former secretary and Dearnley Medallist Perry Stephens had an off on his return ride from Mildura and he was hospitalised for about 5 weeks but we can happily say that he is home now and continuing to recover, albeit slower that ne would like. 

The branch was also well represented at the Meet and Greet event hosted by Geelong Branch at Mt Franklin on 22 April.   Well the summer riding season seems to be almost over – where did it go?  

Finally, I would like to say, “When riding, practise road craft, courtesy and consideration for others so that we can continue to enjoy our motorcycling safely.”

John Cook