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2012 President's Report 06 June

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 17/06/2012 - 8:36pm


President’s Report June 2012

Recent Events

The year seems to be flying along and we are now officially in winter. 

Many members have assisted Holly in keeping the ride calendar full to date and it is great to see some fresh members have taken on the role of leading rides.  Thank you all.   I also want to thank our most regular Tail End Charlie; Bill Dusting, who consistently does a great job even to the extent of supplying a compressor and assistance when members have had problems such as flat tyres.  Thank you Bill.

As I have frequently said, I believe that our very active ride calendar (thanks to the participation of willing members) is one of the strengths which keeps this branch invigorated and provides an outlet for those who may have limited time to enjoy their passion for motorcycling.    

Despite an unseasonably cold day, the April Meet and Greet hosted by Geelong Branch at Mt Franklin was very well attended and a great success.  Hopefully it will become a regular event.

The 15th Autumn Ice Run was very well attended and despite the name, we were blessed with good riding weather.   Our group comprised of almost 40 participants with over 20 starting from Dandenong, with more joining in at Heyfield (where I failed to reinforce the corner marking protocols) and Bruthen.  We varied the ride this year, by heading to Anglers Rest from Omeo and then direct to Howmans Gap which cut about 80 kilometres off the usual route, but it was certainly a very challenging road.   At Howmans we met up with a group of friends who had done a two day adventure ride through the mountains.   We finished up with 50 people to enjoy the disgraceful camaraderie and banter over dinner and drinks on the Saturday night. 

Using the Website

With regard to the website, it is impossible to keep everything immediately obvious on the front page.   Kate, Holly and I perform an editing role to keep what we believe are the most important or relevant items front and centre.  A click on the “Latest Content” header will take you to the most recent activities and forum posts and is a good way to see what the most recent activity is.

Future Events

MelbourneBranch Odyssey-Nagambie Friday October 12 to Sunday October 14

The annual Melbourne Branch get together this year will be held at Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park, beautifully located between the Goulburn River and Lake Nagambie.    The facilities really are great.  We are also planning a couple of alternative rides probably to old gold diggings at Whroo on the Saturday and / or possibly a ride to Ruffy.   The event is detailed on the web page.   The plan is to have a dinner with entertainment in the onsite convention centre on the Saturday night, so getting back to your accommodation afterwards is not a concern.   A subcommittee is still finalising details and we hope to have the registration form circulated this month.   

The important news is that total registration including a badge (for first 100), entertainment and Saturday night dinner on site will cost $50.

If you intend to come (and it should be a great event with new things to see and do)

·         Please contact the Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park direct to arrange your accommodation

·         Please let me know of your intention to come so that we can get an idea of numbers.  Use the link to ‘president’ on the contact us link or ring me on 9728 5769 or 0419 599 530.

·         The registration form should be circulating very soon.  In the meantime, get in and confirm your accommodation with our hosts at Nagambie Lakes.  

Branch Christmas Function

The branch Christmas Function will be held on 8 December and the price has been kept at $30 per person for dinner and entertainment with drinks at bar prices.   This is another event to put in your calendar.  A registration form will be circulated in the coming months.   If you wish “register” in advance please contact Peter McCrae or myself.

Social matters

The branch has decided to continue meeting at the Melbourne Bakehouse in Port Melbourne on Saturday mornings for the foreseeable future.

A group of members based in the northern suburbs is researching re-instigating a pub night on the first Friday of each month and this will be publicised more once an appropriate venue and interest is found.

Remember - Enjoy yourselves and your membership of this great club in the manner that suits you, be that social events, Sunday rides, weekends away or other events.

Finally, I would like to say, “When riding, practise road craft, courtesy and consideration for others so that we can continue to enjoy our motorcycling safely.”

John Cook 

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