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2013 President's Report 10 October

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 28/10/2013 - 7:31pm

President’s Report October 2013

The Odyssey at Nagambie was a success with over 60 people attending including people from NSW, SA and all over Victoria.   I received some good feedback and we have booked the same venue for next year’s Odyssey from 17 – 19 October 2014.

The Christmas function is now only 6 weeks away (7 December) so it is time to get your registrations in – see the website for details and registration form.   It promises to be a great night and we have a live entertainer this year.

The Toy Run from Cranbourne to Calder Park is the next day on 8 December.

Holly has been busy preparing for Very Special Kids Day on 17 November at Cardinia Reservoir so hop in to help give some enjoyment to those much less fortunate than us.

The Memorial Day at Mount Macedon will be held on 10 November.

The rally and event season is now in full swing and there are numerous other events on over the next few months.  Check “Events Around The Traps” on our website to see what other rallies or events are coming up.   Quite a few members are heading off to either Temora or the Snowy Run over Cup weekend to enjoy motorcycling in various ways.

The final Spare Tyre for 2013 will be published in December and we would like to have the ride calendar filled to the end of March 2014 before publication.   We appreciate the many first time ride leaders who have stepped up this year as their input enhances Melbourne Branch’s strength.   We are always seeking additional ride leaders.   If you want to lead a ride in the pleasant upcoming months, please contact Doug as soon as possible.         

The branch Annual General Meeting will be held on 23 February 2014 and nominations for contested committee positions must be received not less than 28 days before that meeting.   I have nomination forms available and they will be posted on the web site and in the December Spare Tyre.   The branch can only continue to provide for the enjoyment of members by having an active and constantly evolving committee.  I will not be continuing as branch president and we really do need some fresh members to step up to ensure the continued health and vitality of the branch.       We would really like to see a number of members nominate to join the committee and take on the task of running branch related social events and bring in some fresh views.  If you think you have some skills that can help the continuity of this great branch and club please do step up and get involved.

I would also like to remind members of our sponsors.  These sponsors greatly assist the finances of the branch and I do encourage you to support them when it comes to bikes, servicing, accessories and clothing.  We have a brand new sponsor in BM Motorcycles in Ringwood and hope to announce another new sponsor very soon.   Andy Strapz and Bike Mart continue to support us.     The support of these sponsors has enabled us to fund things such as VSK Day plus fund web site & Spare Tyre costs plus keep branch funds in a very healthy state so let’s support them.  

There have been a number of collisions resulting in injuries involving Ulysses members over the past few months.   I am not going to comment on individual incidents but I do urge all members to consider doing additional training.   It is not a cure all, but can be fun and enhance both your safety and enjoyment of motorcycling.

The Ulysses Club even provides a rebate for training costs once every three years of membership.    I have spoken to several members who are considering doing some training – consider getting a small group together.  Both Armstrongs and HART are likely to give you a group or Ulysses discount.  I enjoyed the course I did in spring 2012 with other members and whilst it was quite tiring, it certainly enhanced cornering, braking and observation skills.  It seems to me that when we ride sensibly we rarely have to use emergency braking (we should practise anyway) and then, when the moment finally arrives, we get it wrong (with painful consequences) due to a lack of practice.     

I remind everyone that safety is the responsibility of each and every individual who participates in rides and events and unsafe practices will not be tolerated.

Finally, I would like to say, “When riding, practise road craft, courtesy and consideration for all road users so that we all get home with ourselves, our licenses and bikes intact and we can continue to enjoy our motorcycling to the maximum and safely.”

John Cook 

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Thanks to everyone who organized The Odyssey at Nagambie. It was great fun and perfect weather. Unfortunately due to back soreness i missed the bbq as i was resting in our cabin. But the rest of the time was great and every one was friendly as usual. Thanks to Holly Fields who rode up and back with me because i need to take extra stops to rest my back so i couldn't go with the main group. Thats the best thing about the club that people are willing to put themselves out just to help those who need help. Looking forward to going the the Odyssey again next year.


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I feel like an adult now , hehehehe.