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2014 Alice Springs AGM

Submitted by Rickjr on Wed, 21/05/2014 - 7:27pm

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Hi all

Just back from Alice Springs after almost 2 weeks away.

As with most AGM's, the journey in getting there and back is often the most exciting part.

This year I travelled via the Flinders Ranges then onto Maree and rode part of the Oodnadatta Track to William Creek and then out to Coober Pedy. After a dawn view of the Breakaways just outside Coober Pedy rode to Alice.

All up I rode 5660 klm over 12 days with around 600klm dirt roads/tracks. Managed to drop the Vstrom in the Flinders Ranges (the rain certainly makes the tracks a bit slippery). Used 306 litres of fuel with a average fuel use of 5.4 litres per hundred kilometers. Highest price for fuel was $2.25 a litre at Wiiliam Creek.

In South Australia the speed limit is 110k and NT is 130k south of Alice, so travelling a these speeds does not help the fuel economy. Funny that I am still alive as I am sure we are told speed kills here in Victoria and a thousand plus bikes rode up Sturt Highway at 130k without incident.

Only saw one 4wd along William Creek track to Coober Pedy - 166klm with only me and the outback. The rest of the roads and tracks carried modest traffic.

Some of the stops along the way included a visit to the motorbike museum at Peterborough and a light plane flight over the Flinders Ranges.

Parts of central Australia had huge rainfall in April (with Coober Pedy getting 161 mm in April - when the yearly average is 156mm!) which resulted in the Red Centre having a very green tinge.

I will post some pictures of my trip in a new gallery.

I enjoyed the AGM at Alice but with the sewerage treatment plant next door to camp site, it made for unpleasant odours when the wind was blowing the wrong way. The traders hall was very empty as it seems Alice is too far for them to travel too. IGA had a mini supermarket and bottleshop on site which was great and the pub was only a short walk away. We were made very welcome in Alice and at towns along the way as many had signs and discounts for Ulyssians.

Already looking forward to next years AGM at Wodonga!


Hi Rick, glad you made it back safely and thanks for sharing your experience.