Adventure Ride 11th January 2015 Lilydale to Buxton

Photo's from Ian Taylors ride from Lilydale to Buxton via Don Valley up to Mount Donna Buang, then Acheron Way to Keppel Lookout and down into Marysville. Then over the Catherdal Ranges before hitting Buxton for some burgers.

Ride Report re Adventure Ride and Links

Alf submitted a ride report re this ride to they Ulysses Adventure Riders SIG and here is a copy

Ride Leader : Ian Taylor

Ride Report : Alf Dennemoser

This was a ride I didn’t intend doing as the forecast leading up to it was predicting 100mm of rain over 4 days, including the Sunday. During Saturday I looked at the radar during the day and noticed that all the rain was north of Buxton so decided the ride was on. As this was only my second time on dirt, I was nervousness about riding on it again, as it turned out the ride was both enjoyable and a little more challenging than the first dirt ride. Ian selected roads that were not too difficult and kept the pace of the ride to a reasonable speed, the difference this time was more and deeper gravel which reduces the confidence somewhat.  I left home with the forecast of a fine day with little if any rain. Ray Herd was at the departure point for a chat and to wish us well on our ride. We had a good group for the ride with 8 in total, Rick (V Strom 650), Ian (F650/800), Kim on GS1200 , Ken (Honda CB500X) , Colin (Aprrilla Caponard), Greg (BMW 650F) and myself on a Versys 1000.Eric was also along on his Yamaha FJR1300, he come out to the Home Hotel at Launching place and left before the dirt started.  We departed Lilydale after the usual briefing, I was the TEC as I had my bright yellow Aust post jacket on.  It was decided to place only one marker at each corner as we were a small group. We travelled along the Warburton highway to Launching place where we turned left into Don road heading up the Don Valley. We turned right at the end of Don Road to travel the back way up to Mt Donna Buang which was our first bit of dirt. After a brief stop at the hang gliding launch ramp (these guys must be nuts to launch themselves off this!) we continued on this road ending up at the Acheron Way junction where we turned left and back onto bitumen / dirt. After this point it gets a little confusing, even with Google maps as a guide. I think we turned right onto Eight road which turned into MMBW Boundary road which took us to Keppell lookout which overlooks Marysville. We had morning tea at the lookout with a magnificent view of Marysville below. After morning tea Greg and Colin left the ride in Marysville to head home, the remaining five continued on along the Buxton-Marysville road until we turned right at Mount Margret road. We turned off this road onto an unmarked road which leads to the Little River road. These roads are on the east side of the Cathedral Range. Fairly rough track with great views off to the side of the Cathedral ranges. The Little River road finished at Cathedral lane which took us back to Maroondah highway and into Buxton for lunch. Lunch was eaten at the servo in Buxton in sunshine with plenty of talk about who should lead the next ride and from where. The ride was around 50% dirt and 50% bitumen which was a good mix for a novice like me, I would encourage anyone with a duel adventure/road bike who is interested in trying dirt riding to come along, even though some of the roads were wet it was still within my skill levels which are not much to speak off. The roads we were on are used by normal road cars, which on a few occasions we had to avoid as they come along in the opposite direction, I mention this to highlight that the roads are really dirt car roads and easy to ride if taken carefully.  Just finished cleaning the bike before doing this report, that’s the only down side to the dirt experience.  Thanks to Ian for organizing the ride and the others on the ride for an enjoyable experience


Here is a link to the photos linked to the SIG site

And here is a link to the SIG Site ride reports: 

Thanks for sharing Rick

Rick, many thanks for sharing the photos and Ian for putting something different on.yessmiley  The weather looks better than the forecast had impliedcheeky


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