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Fathers' Day in the Rain

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 03/09/2017 - 4:34pm

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I had volunteered to lead the ride on Father's Day quite some time ago.  When I left home this morning the forecast was far from good angry  so when I arrived at Dandenong in the dry I was surpised to find that half a dozen hardy (silly? surprise) souls had ignored the forecast and decided to join me so that meant the ride had to go ahead.  blushwink

Those wearing jeans decided to do the sensible thing and don full wet weather gear as the rain started while we were having a chat and exchanging a few lies.

Then we hit the road and the rain increased and temperature dropped (but still nowhere near as bad as the previous week) and did a "transport run"down the freeway to Bungower Road and then into Mornington with Holly performing TEC duties as she had arrived wearing her hi vis vest.   We then made our way to the Esplanade and took in views over the pier and continued along the winding coast road through Mt Martha, under the aquaduct and into Dromana for morning tea.

It remained damp throughout this part of the run but we still got some interesting views of the bay including a large US naval ship and a variety of merchant ships and were also blessed by very light traffic.  We took a leisurely break and the rain stopped laugh  yes  .  Once refreshed we  climbed up Arthurs Seat and then toured past some vineyards before encountering road works at the end of Browns Road which put another spanner in my plans.  We then turned down Boneo Road, made our way past Cape Schank and took in some nice curves and ocean views before arriving for an early lunch in Flinders.   We enjoyed lunch and a chat in the sun at a picnic table in the shopping centre

before heading off individually to our afternoon engagements.  It stayed dry for my entire ride home despite the odd patch of wet road.

I enjoyed myself and thank you to all those hardy souls who came along to share the day.  cool