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First Aid for Motorcyclists

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 01/11/2015 - 5:07pm

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"First Aid for Motorcyclists" (run by Tracy Hughes and Roger Fance) have released dates for their courses in 2016.

First Aid for Motorcyclists is a half day training session that's been developed specifically for riders.

The fee is $78 per person and the half day course covers

  • Roadside accident scene management
  • Emergency helmet removal
  • Moving a casualty in danger
  • First aid traumatic injury treatment skills
  • Accident prevention stategies

This is NOT a Regular First Aid Course.   Training is delivered by highly qualified experienced first aid instructors who ride

 For dates and bookings check their website:

Victorian Dates follow


21st Nov - WODONGA
28th Nov - MELBOURNE/Ringwood East
5th Dec - MELBOURNE/Altona
12th Dec - MELBOURNE/Thornbury


23rd Jan - GEELONG
30th Jan - MELBOURNE/Ringwood East
6th Feb - MELBOURNE/Frankston
13th Feb - SALE
27th Feb - HAMILTON

The course is endorsed by the Ulysses Club and Victorian Motor Cycle Council amongst others.  

The course does qualify for the Ulysses Club training rebate.  

As our rides often take us to places where it may take a long wait for emergency services to arrive, training of this nature never goes astray.  


Our National Vice President has done the above course and I will quote her;

"I have done Tracey’s course and thought it very good – in Canberra we don’t get many opportunities for this kind of course so was pleased to be able to do it."

Another member (Gavin) has done the ASMA course, which is substantially funded by the TAC (see forum post) and was quite impressed with it   The ASMA course also results in a recognised first aid certificate.  Both courses appear to be done under the auspices of Allens Training.  

Check them both outenlightened - Training of this nature is never wasted and we can always learn something.smiley   

A news letter was received detailing course dates fro the rest of 2016.  They are:

  • 27th Feb – HAMILTON - Western Districts Health Services - 11:00am

  • 19th Mar - MELBOURNE/Ringwood East - Maroondah Sports Club - 11:00am

  • 16th Apr - MELBOURNE/Ringwood East - Maroondah Sports Club - TBC 11:00am

  • 21st May - MELBOURNE/Altona - Venue TBC - 1:30pm

  • 11th Jun - MELBOURNE/Ringwood East - Maroondah Sports Club - 11:00am

  • 16th Jul- GEELONG - Venue TBC - 1:30pm

  • 20th Aug- MELBOURNE/Ringwood East - Maroondah Sports Club - 11:00am

  • 17th Sep- MELBOURNE/Altona - Venue TBC - 1:30pm

  • 8th Oct - MELBOURNE/Ringwood East - Maroondah Sports Club - 11:00am

  • 22nd Oct - MILDURA - Venue TBC - 11:00am

  • 19th Nov - HEALSVILLE - Venue TBC - 11:00am

  • 26th Nov - WODONGA - Venue TBC - 1:30pm

  • 3rd Dec- MELBOURNE/Ringwood East - Maroondah Sports Club - 11:00am


Check the link to their website for booking details!course-dates/c4iy

A recent flyer was sent out by this group giving updated details of training venues - dates still appear to be the same as above and also the details of a new trainer for Victoria.

Check their website (link above) for a course that may suit you.  As I have said earlier this type of training is never wasted.