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Greg G's Meredith Ride 29 10 17

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 29/10/2017 - 9:19pm

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With 18 bikes champing at the bit, Greg led off at Ardeer for a "voyage of discovery" of sorts.  Up Melrose Drive, Mickleham Road, Kongaderra Road and Mount Macedon Road, we zig zagged and cornered our way over Mount Macedon, past Hanging Rock (here cue the haunting pan flute music.....) and on to Trentham for morning tea.  Greg had brought along a treasured friend from the Rhone Alps in France, Fred Trouve, who was here for the best part of 2 weeks riding with Greg.  (When they weren't riding, they were wave jumping in power boats - Greg is an accredited Race Officer and runs yacht races in all kinds of weather, sometimes with Fred reluctantly tagging along)!!

Greg and Fred don't need intercom - they seem to know what one another is thinking on the road - well, until Fred wanted to stop for morning tea at Woodend and Greg kept heading for Trentham.........  A few decided to lunch to pull the pin and lunch in Trentham and some had family duties pressing, so it was 15 bikes that tackled stage 2!!

After a refreshing coffee, we took off for Meredith on the back road through Ballan rather than Steiglitz.  The road promised more corners (Greg even detoured to a point where a 5km freeway jaunt was involved jusrt to add in a few quality twisties!  However, the Twisties were only those "in the bag" and the detour was generally thought to be less than "de rigeur" (sorry Fred).

Meredith is an enchanting place in almost any weather - in gentle sun and warm winds, it was particularly good.  Reluctantly, we tore ourselves away and headed off.  Greg and Fred headed for Steiglitz, with Colin Voss passing them along the way.  Greg and Fred telepathically agreed he must know the way, so they took off in hot pursuit!!  Colin was on the money, and Greg & Fred made it home 5 minutes earlier than their predicted return time.

Sadly, the very delightful Monsieur Frederic Trouve (alias Fredingue - "Fred Danger") flies home on Monday.  It appeared that everyone who met Fred liked him!!  We look forward to his next ride with Ulysses Melbourne.

Thanks to everyone who came along, and special thanks to our TEC Extraordinaire Jeff on his R1200GS Rallye Special and John Cook who, as always, sacrificed his ride to ensure we got great photos!!  Special thanks too to "Gold Wing" Steve Bailes, who at the half way mark threatened to put Greg on report for a lack of quality corners - hopefully stage 2 was more fun.  If not Steve, I'll make it up to you - I promise!!

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as Fred and I did!!


Greg G